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Here are a number of scenarios you may have come across or will come across one day one in the future where hiring the professional services of a private investigator may prove beneficial. Hiring a private investigator may potentially save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache and financial strain. They could stop you from partnering up with a business associate who has been dishonest about their debt-load, they may stop you from hiring someone with a long history of theft. They may help you find your long lost sister whose drug use resulted in them living on the streets. A private investigator may reveal that your child has fallen in with a rough crowd and has started experimenting with drugs or that your spouse has taken on a lover.

Scenario 01:

Your teenage child has entered what appears to be a rebellious stage. You do not like the looks of their friends and suspect they may be using drugs or worse yet – be engaging in CRIMINAL activity.

Scenario 02:

You sent your college age child away to school and suddenly their grades have DRAMATICALLY slipped but they are not offering any rational explanation.

Scenario 03:

That person you just started dating seems too good to be true.

Scenario 04:

That hot new company or business that wants to hire you and is offering you the moon and the stars appears to be too good to be true. Plain and simple they may be too good to be true – the founder could have an undisclosed criminal background.

Scenario 05:

That hot new job applicant you interviewed seems too good to be true.

Scenario 06:

You and your sibling had a major fallout 10 years ago and you miss them. You want to reconnect but your online searches have not turned them up. They appear to have fallen off the grid.

Scenario 07:

Your rebellious teenager ran away and the police are not able to track them down. You suspect the child has relocated to another province or state.

Scenario 08:

Your once attentive spouse is not texting or calling as often. They seem distracted and short tempered. You also notice that they are very secretive when they use their cell phone in font of you.

Scenario 09:

One of your aged parents is residing in an assisted living care facility and you want to ensure that they are being treated with respect and dignity.

Scenario 10:

There have been a recent rash of pets going missing in your neighbourhood. You suspect there may be a pet thief in your community and fear for the safety of Fido. Your neighbourhood is not home to known canine predators which leaves you to suspect that criminals are steeling valuable purebred dogs for resale.

If any of theses reasons resonated with you and you live in British Columbia you may want to consider hiring the services of a private investigator Shannon Thompson is a Vancouver based PI with over 10 years experience


1. Domestic ( Cheating Spouses )

2. Locates ( Missing persons )

3. Background checks ( Dating site, etc )

4. Surveillance ( could be following your child to make sure they are safe or see whom they are hanging with )

5. Personal Security

6. ICBC Investigations

7. Narcotics Division Investigations

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