Nadja Auremann’s Modeling Career Hi-Lights:

1) Nadja Auremann was cast by the late Helmut Newton: For Vogue’s February 1995 issue in a controversial editorial, named “The High and Mighty,” to model the latest stilettos. The shoot was accessorized with leg braces, canes and other orthopedic paraphernalia, complete with a prop wheelchair.

2) Fashion Columnist: Guy Trebay, once described her in print as having an “ice maiden visage and pole vaulter’s legs”.

3) Nadja once held the Guinness Bock of World records for having the longest legs in the world in the Guinness Book of Records 1.12 meters. This record was recently broken in 2015 by 20 year old Chinese model Dong Lei, whose legs measure 1.15 meters.

4) Auremann was born March 19th, 1971 in Berlin, Germany. Today she is 44 years old.

The High and Mighty: Nadja Auremann shot by Helmut Newton (Vogue February 1995).