Being a

diamond in the

is a good thing, but wearing rough diamonds? No piece of jewellery
deserves that.

jewellery, especially rings

, are prone to the wear and tear of our daily
routines, and if not taken care of properly, can lose their lustre quickly.
Luckily, there are many ways to clean your gems, and you don’t have to resort
to chemically heavy solutions to do so. Most non-toxic cleaning solutions can
be found in your kitchen, and will bring back your diamond ring’s brilliant
shine in a few easy steps. After all, summer is here and you want those vivid rays
of gem clarity to sparkle with all the intensity of summer’s magical sunsets.

Start with Soaking

A multitude of grimy layers can wear down your ring’s sheen.
From soap and mildew to dirt and grease, your jewellery accumulates a variety
of unwanted coatings over time. To ensure you remove all the layers, you must
soak your ring in 1 cup of warm water. This loosens all hard, caked-on material
and is safe for both your hands and ring.

Add Vinegar or
Baking Soda

Two of the best non-toxic and environmentally friendly

cleaning products

are baking soda and vinegar. If you use vinegar, add ¼
cup to the warm water, swish around gently, and then leave your ring to soak
for 20 minutes. If you use baking soda, add 1-2 tablespoons to the warm water,
swish around, and let sit for 20 minutes. Make sure you don’t use both baking
soda and vinegar together. This will cause the mixture to bubble over and will
leave your diamonds worse for wear.

Rinse and Swish

Once your ring has soaked for 20 minutes, remove it from the
solution and rinse it with warm water. Fill another bowl with 1 cup of warm
water and place the ring in it. Swish it around for one minute to loosen any
excess dirt or grime.

Clean with a
Cotton Swab or Soft Cloth

Diamonds aren’t the only delicate parts to a ring. The
ring’s rare metals are equally as sensitive, so avoid cleaning your ring with
an abrasive brush as this may damage the metal or coatings on the diamond.
Instead, use a soft cotton ear swab or a soft,

jewellery cloth

. Take the ring out of the water and wipe it gently with the
cloth or swab. If you have trouble removing dirt from the small crevices of the
setting, use a wooden toothpick to gently loosen the particles. Rinse the ring
with warm water again.

Air Dry

Let the ring dry on a cloth or towel for several minutes.

Diamond rings are precious pieces of jewellery that require
proper cleaning and care to remain radiant. Often a symbol of everlasting love
and commitment, you can ensure yours stays shimmering shape with a cleaning
every few months.  The best part? You
avoid exposing your body and ring to harsh chemicals. So, let those gems glitter
with the radiance that they are famous for. As a girl’s best friend, they
couldn’t ask for more.