Fall is quickly beckoning and for those who are strategic enough, this is the time to gather tips and clues that could prove invaluable over the season of falling leaves and more layers of clothing. The element of fashion is particularly important when discussing big and tall clothing and apparel since they’re much harder to shop for than your ‘normal’ sized man. Many people find it difficult to dress in a stylish manner over fall months because of the extra layers of clothing that summertime lacks.  So let’s look at this fall’s creative styling:

High rise isn’t just for skinny men…

Now that we’re heading right into fall 2014, big and tall men’s clothing is again turning its attention towards the anatomy of comfortable jeans. After several years of low rise jeans and sagging it, it would appear that fashion is turning full circle and higher rise styles are returning to favour. We’re sure that this about face is entirely due to the industry’s need to generate new sales by forcing everyone to ditch their current wardrobe in favor of new designs.  However, bigger or taller men should capitalize here.

Whether you feel the need to be right on trend or not, the renaissance of higher waistbands is decidedly a good thing, not solely because it means you can actually find a pair without conducting a forensic search for something that may or may not fit.

Take men to boutique shops!

Shopping for bigger men, as many women have discovered, is an adventure that often takes them to small stores in locations where you’d probably never guess.  Maybe this has to do with picky men, or maybe because the many major department store retailers are concentrating on societal norms.

It would certainly be true to say that the recent recession had a major impact on retailing in North America, but perhaps not with the results you might have expected. With so many shops closing and leaving high streets full of empty units, it looked like independent retailers might be doomed but appearances can be deceptive and some boutique shops have fared rather well where big and tall men’s clothing is concerned.  This highly clandestine men’s clothes shopping tip is surfacing, finally.

When you’re shopping online for big and tall men, things are a bit more difficult as opposed to walking into the nearest boutique. One of the most difficult things is to know the size of the shirt (especially shirts), and how it will fit when you wear it. Herein lies the challenge: understanding the various sizes available to find one that will look and fit perfectly.  Since fall favors vibrant colors, long sleeves and even leather jackets, it’s best to visit stores in person unless you’re 100% positive the man in your life (even if you’re the man in your life) will love it, feel comfortable wearing it and can accessorize it.

If you are looking to change up your look for the fall season, you have no shortage of options. You can completely turn around your look to look hipper, slimmer, sexier, younger or more sophisticated. All it takes is a bit of creativity and knowing where to shop for such fashions.