Dear Fashion Insiders,

Once or twice every fashion season there is an emergent trend that really gets my blood moving and my fashion instincts revving up. This article will cover one such moment this season. 

 have fallen in love with the revival of the 1960’s chainmail aesthetic pioneered by Paco Rabanne. I’m going to be honest. One of the reasons why this emergent look gets my heart racing is because it is for the fearless fashion-insiderearly adopter. This look cannot be easily copied and mass produced so it is unlikely that you will be able to rush out to your local fast fashion retailer to purchase chainmail garments en mass. 

This single variable alone makes the chainmail trend more appealing to me. Sure, if you are lucky enough to love fashion and have a trust fund there are some design houses that will indulge your desire to buy chain mail garments  (I’m thinking Alexander McQueen and Paco Rabanne but such designs will run you THOUSANDS of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars). 


Vintage Paco Rabanne. [Image Source]

However, for the rest of us fashion lovers we need to exercise cunning creativity in artfully executing this look. This is what separates the fashion leaders from the followers. A true fashion leader sees an emergent look on the runways and falls in love. She looks everywhere but cannot find it in the stores yet. So, the fashion lover scours the vintage markets looking for earlier incarnations of this look that can be adapted for today’s fashion climate. If they are failed by this avenue the fashion lover will resort to trying to either make the look them self or commission a tailor to try to replicate the look.  


The video below is the Paco Rabanne Spring/Summer 2013 runway show…


The fashion pack will sit by and wait for the fast fashion outlets to mass produce the look. By this point the Fashion-Insider Early Adopter has moved on to another look. The CHAINMAIL look will not make it into mass production. Simply put, it is too costly to replicate. Therefore, from one Fashion Insider to another, I will reveal how to source this look for yourself and if we run into one and other somewhere wearing the look we can exchange knowing winks and a Fashion-Insider nod. 


1) Look on ebay (specific link here).


2) Go to far flung thrift stores and be prepared to dig, sweat, and get dirty in the name of fashion. 


3) Ask any relative you know who danced in a discotheque if they have something chainmail lurking in the deep recesses of their closet. You may be surprised to hear about the secret life of some long lost aunt and revel in hearing stories about her doing lines of coke at the back of studio 54 with Bianca Jaeger and Truman Capote. Who knows Stranger things have happened. 


4) At all costs avoid anything with a coin like design reminiscent of belly dancing apparel.


5) Gently warm chain mail garment with a blow-dryer prior to putting on bare skin to decrease initial discomfort.  No not risk over heating for fear of burning tender nether regions. 


More vintage Paco Rabanne [Image Source]

I wish you all good luck in your endeavors to replicate the chain mail fashion look revival while paying homage to Pacco Rabanne and his creative genius of the 1960’s and 1970’s.