Tomorrow is ‘Pink Shirt Day‘, which is an anti-bullying initiative. WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM is against bullying and we can attest to its harms. Endeavours like Pink Shirt Day will hopefully raise awareness and help prevent bullying in the future. 


Back in 2007, on the first day of school at Nova Scotia’s Central Kings Rural High School, a Grade Nine student showed up wearing a pink polo shirt. Some bullies started making fun of him and were planning on beating him up the next day. A small group of brilliant grade 12 students decided to fight back. They went to a discount store and bought 50 pink tank tops and then utilized social media to send out messages to a bunch of their classmates.

The next day students wore the pink tank tops in support of their bullied classmate. The message was loud and clear – this type of harassment would not be tolerated and pink was officially the new black.


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The anti-bullying movement has special relevance for me and many other people who identified as adventurous fashion lovers from an early age. My free loving fashion spirit as a child growing up in suburbia was not always celebrated by my classmates and, consequently, I was bullied on the odd occasion stemming from my more spirited apparel selections.

I would at times appear to be different from my peers and being different is often not a valued characteristic in elementary school. Fast forward into adulthood and I still buy what I like. The difference is that today my non-conformity is more often than not celebrated. Sure, I am aware that not all of my fashion choices are hits and yes – I am pretty sure that there is probably the odd impolite snigger behind my back but for the most part people no longer bully me for exercising freedom of choice where my fashion identity is concerned.

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By virtue of living in the Western world out of the prying public eye I am basically free to wear whatever I want without fear of facing persecution. However, this is something many Westerner’s take for granted, but in many places of the world a person’s ability to self determine their aesthetic choices via fashion is severely limited. 

Today, as we take a moment to honour how far we have collectively progressed in the widespread movement to curb schoolyard bullying I would also ask you to take a moment to reflect on what can be done to assist and support those less fortunate that us. Countries where a ladies errant choice in hem length could potentially be cited as just cause by the perpetrator of a violent non-consensual sexual act and communities where homosexual men must conceal their identity.  In North America we are free to wear Pink shirts but there are still places in the world where if you are a woman wearing a pink miniskirt above a certain length or a man in a pink dress shirt you may still need to be vigilant while looking over your shoulder when walking home alone at night.

WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM Encourages everyone to stand up to bullying, and for parents to talk to their children about its harms. For more information on Pink Shirt Day, please visit the posted link below. 

NOTE: T-shirts in support of the Pink Shirt Day campaign can be purchased at London Drugs.

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