8 days to go before the opening night VFW gala and while scrolling through the confirmed designers, this beautiful portrait of Wendy Ohlendorf caught my eye. Beautiful, vibrant, full of energy. After reading her bio and seeing her love of vintage textiles, I was hooked and marked the name and date on my giant VFW wall calendar.

Upcycling is a secret passion of mine and every luxury garment that comes into Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet that just doesn’t pass muster (ie. tiny moth holes, broken zipper, stains or snags) are carefully tucked away for the day I will be ‘caught up’ and have some time to start re-designing these beauties. Create a fashion frankenstein using a vintage Versace blazer and a Elie Tahari floral skirt with a touch of Marc by Marc Jacobs dress trim. Delicious! Incredibly excited for the Wednesday the 17th, line-up – the evening opening with Magenta.

METRO LIVING ZINE PHOTO CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (www.vanfashionweek.com)

“Details, craftsmanship, experimentation and history: these values are the driving force behind Wendy’s multimedia approach to apparel design. Her experience as artist, interior designer, business owner and (somewhat) reformed punk-rocker combine to influence the point-of-view behind the clothing and accessories that are Magenta by Wendy Ohlendorf.

A collector at heart, Wendy’s love of fashion history and vintage clothing instilled in her the importance of detail and craftsmanship. While attending the Art Institute of Tampa she focused on architecture, earning a degree in Interior Design, which illustrated the importance of quality workmanship in order to create the finest works possible. Continually striving to top her best has carried over into all methods of expression including apparel design.

In the mid-90s, Wendy opened a shop in Portland featuring over 20 local designers. It was there, in the back workroom, that her love for apparel design grew and became the art form she now focuses on.

Wendy’s design philosophy, whether it be for clothing, sculpture, painting, or interior design, is ethical and historical. Her apparel showcases vintage textiles, which in addition to being gorgeous, also have narrative appeal. Fabrics carry with them old stories and experiences and are just waiting to be reinvented in ways that enchant the wearer to follow their hearts to new adventures.

METRO LIVING ZINE PHOTO CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (www.vanfashionweek.com)

A self-taught fashion designer; Wendy has utilized her love of vintage apparel, her architectural and fine art background to create a unique collection. One that expresses a combination of modern chic, vintage romanticism, and a futuristic edge into a style all her own.

Wendy invites you to her flagship studio and store, Boulevard de Magenta, so you too can experience her signature process and discover the magic in your style.”

METRO LIVING ZINE PHOTO CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (www.vanfashionweek.com)

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