With the sun shining late into the night on downtown Vancouver, I had the honour to be a guest at Studio Cloud 30’s Red Carpet Concert Series, held in the lavish venue of the Pyatt Hall. With a wide array of talent and stunning vocals, the day proved to be an event filled with talent , passion and star studded performances. An amazing list of performances by local designer and EcoFashion Week finalist Ghazal Elhaei, local R&B crooner Jonathan Muller, country singing sensation Taylor-Rae Pozinkoff and many more, the evening was a hit displaying talent from a diverse age range and demography.

Adding a touch of flair and flamboyancy to the evening was a special performance by recording artist and the very founder of Studio Cloud 30 itself, R&B soul recording artist Warren Dean Flandez, who got the crowd to their feet and dancing to the rhythm of the beat.

The gala event was in celebration of Studio cloud 30’s expansion, and continuous growing presence in the music scene and is considered one of the most prestigious leading artist companies. The studio’s focus is having an eye for talent and a passion is definitely vivid and has graced audiences with many musical wonders. If you ever get a chance to be part of an audience of Studio Cloud 30 talent, it is definitely an opportunity to take and many moments of music to remember and embrace for many years to come.

Warren Dean Flandez with numerous friends and guests including vocalist Katherine Borthwick Flandez, author and lifestyle blogger Marilyn Wilson and husband Glen, photographer Andy Chu and event promoter Frances Hui.

A place for artists to grow and music to flourish, Studio Cloud 30 has certainly done a wonderful job and given life changing opportunities to many great singers and performers alike, and enabled them to take the stage and dazzle audiences. Congratulations are in order and a huge round of applause to all the talented and passionate group of artists, musicians, performers and arbiters of art and music alike who performed and attended.

I most certainly look forward to, and await with much enthusiasm, many more performances to come and talented singers to arise from Studio Cloud 30.

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