Musings on ex-loves, life and parallel parking…

A lady knows she has reached a certain level of relational maturity when she can continue in a friendship with an ex. My beloved ex Mr X and I dated for 4 years and had many ups and downs. He now resides for half the year on Cortes Island in British Columbia with his lovely partner Ms Y.

About once a year me, Mr X, his other significant ex,  and his current spouse gather to celebrate his birthday. I can proudly state that over the years we have all formed a healthy friendship.  I genuinely like his childhood sweetheart and current spouse. I  look forward to our annual gatherings in celebration of his birthday.

Well, Mr X gave me a ring the other day just to touch base. His words brought a smile to my face and highlighted the HUGE DIFFERENCES between life in the city and ISLAND living. A bone of contention during our relationship was the fact that Mr X did not have a drivers license. Mr X happily shared with me several months back that his spouse Ms Y had been teaching him how to drive. 


He said that learning how to drive on Cortes Island was not that difficult because of the absence of street traffic. According to Wikipedia, Cortes Island has a population of 1,042. Mr X called me today to check in, say hello, and let me know that he was going to be taking his road test in Campbell River, BC.

I asked Mr X how his parallel parking was going. I am well aware that this difficult feat has prevented many aspiring motorists from earning a coveted BC drivers license. Mr X replied that it was actually quite difficult practicing parallel parking on Cortes Island because there simply is not that much traffic to speak of there. Mr X came up with a brilliant solution to ameliorate the LACK OF TRAFFIC problem on Cortes island. He had resorted to setting up SAW HORSES on the street to act as VIRTUAL CARS. These SAWHORSE VIRTUAL CARS enabled this exceptionally resourceful man to practice parallel parking for his drivers license road test. 


Having been a resident of the West End of Vancouver for a decade I  find it nearly inconceivable that there could ever be a lack of opportunity to practice parallel parking! However, this is indeed a significant problem for the laid back Island dwellers inhabiting Cortes Island. 

Anonymous Vancouver City Dweller