WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT http://bit.ly/16s46Yz Weekly Horoscope Forecast Feb 20-26, 2015.
WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT http://bit.ly/16s46Yz Weekly Horoscope Forecast Feb 20-26, 2015.

Drafted By: Leah Faye from Goddess Astrology

Do the rise in conflicts across the Middle East and Ukraine serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching?

According to Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Adviser, the answer is yes. In a startling interview he reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III. Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months.

We as the people in the world who have a voice demand answers and proof. Virgo’s opposition to the Moon, Mars and Venus takes the Stage as they look for truth and relevance in the demands of the people. The spirit of the people is working. The clarity of all people is the desire for Freedom and with all of the latest CGI youtube videos that are never authenticated and the lack of public conversation from the current ” Big Bad Boys”….we have no way of seeing truth.

The New Moon occurs, marking the beginning of a new cycle. 

In the sign of Aquarius, friendship, brotherhood, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, humanitarian efforts, or joining a group will be a strong focus on a personal level. New beginnings regarding all of these matters are possible now.

 The energy of people will not again allow that abuse of anyone’s human rights to continue. We will become stronger and more united and be a stronger voice than any ruling government has dealt with before. All New Moons are impulsive, and this one will be especially so.

The IMF will now be dealt a blow as Greece refuses to be held accountable for all of the weapon money laundering that they have had to author on behalf of the Biggest Governments so that they could legally sell their arms. Their role as a third party destroyed their economy. Not as we were made to believe: that  they were supposedly lazy and had too many early retirees!

 As they demand an equal voice while being circumscribed to play by the rules  – their own statehood and integrity will win over as they vow to never again be a third party to selling American Arms.

Justin Trudeau made a recent statement about  how Canada could effectively respond and he was dismissed and laughed at,

” We can be resourceful, and there are significant, substantial, non-combat roles that Canada can play. And some we can play better than many – or perhaps any — of our allies. Whether they are strategic airlift, training, or medical support. We have the capabilities to meaningfully assist – in a non-combat role – a well-defined international mission. “www.liberal.ca/liberal-party-canada-support-prime-ministers-motion-war-iraq/,

But –  the recent Ukraine Embassy also asked the same things,

“Please do not send war”. 

We have a strong truth in this world and many compelling reasons  to choose peace. How will you do your part?


Refuse restrictions to your daily peace whether it be from work or personal, keep your agreements, but now honor your truth. Expose all who infringe on this basic human right.


Start stating your needs and do so to yourself until they become your voice. All statements will manifest so choose “you”. You are always respected for your value so show it to your circle of influence.


As the best communicators in the zodiac relay the best and most positive aspects of truth and reform to transform all of our lives. We count on your broadcasting skills.


Do something you have never done. Stand with passion in your Truth and say it loudly .You will get so much more when you believe it to be real.


You get to change the ruler-ship of the world by asking for much more. Do it immediately and hold on. It will be enacted upon by those who have not listened before now. They will hear every single word and action, do not doubt it.


Your obligations that have kept you in ill health are now able to be thrown away.  There is no secret illness as you start to speak and listen to your own truth.


Your Karma is to now break false agreements with people who have no intention of honoring your worth. The minute you say “No” the world will shift. We are all behind you in support.


Now that you have been given the role of Governor, you have an opportunity to Lead in a very strong voice. Your communication is at its best. Speak Joy and equality.


Justice is yours, can you say the words to real circumstances or will you choose to remain held back for a few crumbs of being liked? Approval from another is never as bold and fulfilling as you standing in your own truth.


Now you finally let go of Mom and Dad’s ideas and realize that you know better and have experienced more that you were told. Keep going and take all of us there. We will all fall into place after you if it is based on fairness.


Did you say it? Or did you mean to say it? Do it now and be clear and know that your clarity is sound and full of good advice.


Finally Health gets better and clear understanding to the why’s becomes a fact. Can you be now? and be disciplined enough to let go fully of the past? I believe your healing will benefit from this in an amazing way.Tomorrow morning refuse to pick up the old story, make a happy one and live it out, Discipline is your tool.

Author Leah Faye: Goddess Astrology,

bout Leah Bolton:

 I began my metaphysical life with Astrology as my foundation and I am a past President of The Astrological Association of Western Canada. My true passion is Magic and I have attained the high honor of becoming “a teacher of Witches”. My hearts joy is  “A Course in Magic” which I wrote and teach. There, I explain all aspects of Celtic Magic, Natural Law Cycles, Sacred Rites of the Moon, Candle Spells, and much much more.  In 2004 I devoted 2 years to my inner journey as I became an Ordained Ishaya Monk & Teacher of Meditation. The outer world also must be honored in one’s life and I am aCertified Technology Expert for GM Canada and have  32 years as a sales professional.  I can show you how “The Law of Attraction”  can be applied in your working’ as well as your personal life. 

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