Article by Marilyn R. Wilson,

How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond Painting the Sky By: is an unusual title that quickly piques the reader’s curiosity. What do the terms Pink Flamingo and Brown Duck refer to?  They are metaphors for two types of peoplestructured and linear versus creative and inspired. “The brown duck is often associated with predictable, guarded, serious and safe behavior. The flamingo is gregarious, fabulous, fiery and flamboyant…Flamingos are revered for their beauty and brown ducks for their nobility. Flamingos are celebrated objet’s d’art, and ducks appear most commonly on mantles, in studies, boardrooms and hunting shacks.”

 One assumes a flamingo would naturally find their way into a creative career, not the corporate world – the ultimate duck pond of linear thinking. But the business world is exactly where author Lynn Larson Armstrong found her calling and thrived for over 20 years. Corporate planner, strategist and communicator, she worked within the system creating unique, award winning reports and guiding bright thinkers to reach new heights. Then one day in 2011 it all came crashing down when a brown duck decided to clip her wings. She had no choice but to walk away. It was a devastating moment.

This book offers Armstrong’s personal journey to redefine her life, work and contribution to the world; her search for a supportive community that would embrace her as she was, “…a high-heel wearing, sequin loving fashionista with a head for business, strategy and a penchant for beautiful words and stories…;”  and in the end, finding a new direction that brought “entrepreneurial freedom.” The author also shares her thoughts – based on 20 years working within the business world – on how the traditional corporate structure is often missing the mark when dealing with employees. Clear insight is offered for business leaders looking for innovative ideas.

Armstrong offers five principles as a guide for those struggling to break free of the duck pond mentality. She calls them “Affirmations for Living in Colour.”

1.      Practice defiance three times a day (Stand up for what matters).

2.      Be imperfect and ever changing (Perfectionism is…the killer of inspiration and creativity).

3.      Listen and seek to understand (Listen beyond the words to the intention of what is being said).

4.      Avoid rooms with no doors (Loss of personal control is one of the greatest stressors).

5.      Do good things and good things happen (Help somebody. Help your community.)

How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond is available in both print and e-book at Friesen Press, Amazon (.com and .ca), Chapters/Indigo and Barnes & Noble. For more information or to contact the author, please visit her website at