“Goddess Rising” ~ New Original Paintings by AUTUMN SKYE

A TwoBadCats Production

– FRIDAY, May 29th 7pm – 10pm

– SATURDAY, May 30th 1pm – 5pm

– FRIDAY, May 29th 4pm – 6pm
***Please RSVP at the following link to attend a special and intimate pre­-show viewing with Autumn Skye***

ARTIST’S TALK by Autumn Skye 
– SATURDAY, May 30th 10am – 12noon
$15 advance -eventbrite
/$20 door

An exciting opportunity to view in person, the inspiring and transformational paintings by world renowned visionary artist Autumn Skye Morrison. This show will only be on display for two days, and is hosted at the newly renovated Beaumont Studios on 5th Ave, Vancouver BC. Come out to meet the artist and witness her thought-provoking and spellbinding new paintings. Also offering new special edition reproductions and art products.

Artist Statement

“Before us lies the journey of awakening, the process of healing, the story of returning home. This is the journey of Goddess Rising.  She is stirring in all of us, men and women of all ages, in every corner of the world. Her Temple dwells in each animal, plant, drop of water, and cell of our being. She is Life, our Mother, the spirit of Creation. As humanity stands at the precipice of crucial change, we are each being called to make the vital choice between fear and love. The Goddess beckons us to rise up and remember our birthright of love and creativity. Through our art, no matter the medium, we have an opportunity to transmute shadow into visions of wholeness and evolution. The Goddess speaks through us, each person a unique channel, and it is our sacred duty as artists to help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. And so, I humbly offer this artwork as a mirror to reflect your own divinity. May each painting be a reminder that we are timeless and boundless, and the journey of Goddess Rising is our own.”

Autumn Skye ART