The staff at WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM are THRILLED that this year for THE FIRST TIME EVER the much celebrated SWIMSUIT edition of Sports Illustrated featured a Plus Size Swimwear Advertisement –  See directly below for an image. 

The campaign, for swimwear retailer SwimsuitsForAll, stars size-16 (and ridiculously sexy) model Ashley Graham in a black string bikini. “I know my curves are sexy, and I want everyone else to know that theirs are, too,” Graham said in a statement. “There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. The world is ready for more curves in bikinis.” (Source:


In Honor of this Occasion we Have Drafted: The DEFINITIVE WEST COAST HIPSTER beach Kit.

1) For the FACE: Sunscreen, Sunscreen and more Sunscreen – Oh yeah, and don’t forget SUNSCREEN. We love Loreal Silky Sheer face lotion 50 plus, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid 70, and Neutrogena Age Shield Face: 110.

2) For The BODY: You need to PROTECT your skin!  Especially if you underwent laser sun damage removal treatments. We advise hopping into the shower at home, spreading a towel down and using a SPF spray of at least 45 all over. You want to spread a towel over the floor of the shower because otherwise the spray can make the shower floor EXTREMELY SLIPPERY AND DANGEROUS.  Ask your partner to hit the parts of your back that you missed. Also, please note – spray on  SFP is notorious for UNEVEN application and can result in strange SWIRLY sunburns.  When you purchase your SPF make sure the label stipulates that it is BROAD SPECTRUM. Furthermore, SPF labeling laws will soon be altered and no SPF will be allowed to boast coverage exceeding 50 or higher. The difference in real protection above 45 is infinitesimal. Some of the sprays designed for infants appear white upon initial application thus making it easier to see areas you may have missed. No need to worry, the spray will be CLEAR once dry . On the topic of LASER SUN DAMAGE REMOVAL two great Vancouver Based businesses to check out are CüR Laser on Main Street and Beautiluscious Mobile Service.  

WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT  The Electra Sugar Skulls Alloy Frame Beach Cruiser.
WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT The Electra Sugar Skulls Alloy Frame Beach Cruiser.

3) You will need a cool alloy frame beach cruiser to zip about town to and from various secluded beaches. WARNING: The NIRVE line of Fashion Beach Cruisers look AMAZING but are NOTORIOUS for being heavy. This is why we recommend the ELECTRA line of Beach Cruisers. There is nothing worse than circling the parking lot over and over when car bound. Healthy, FITNESS LOVING, West Coast ladies prefer to arrive at the beach in style on their bikes!

4) A discrete and portable bike lock that will not interfere with the Achingly Cool aesthetic of your LIGHT alloy frame Beach Cruiser. We recommend the Abus Folding Lock Bordo 6000 which retails for roughly $145.00 CND. 


5) We love our TRIANGLE string bikini tops. However, that said – we purchase the tops of our string bikinis one size larger than the bottom to avoid potential BREAST SPILLAGE or even worse – SIDE BREAST SPILLAGE. We prefer our bikini bottoms to be free of any side ties that will chafe if worn under high waisted denim shorts en route to the beach. 


6) Pack a lunch – Why bother wasting PRECIOUS calories on lousy, HIGH CALORIE, GREASY, BEACH CONCESSION FARE. We suggest chopping up two cups of pineapple and taking it with you (150 calories). Try freezing 1/2 a cup of HIGH protein Greek Yogurt and bring that too. Combined – this will clock you in at roughly 300 calories and you will be ready, willing, and able to splurge on a nice and savory dinner later with a super yummy hottie hopefully!


7) Bring your own iced coffee. Make a PITCHER of cold ICED coffee. Here is a link to a great EASY recipe We also like to bring this with us to the gym. Pour some of the cold brewed iced coffee into a travel container with a little cream and sugar free syrup and freeze it ahead of time. When you are ready to leave home top up the frozen contents with chilled ice brewed coffee and you are set to go. After either smashing or losing  too many frozen many travel bottles to count we suggest purchasing several bottles of reduced calorie G2 Sports Drinks and reusing the bottles until you either inevitably lose or smash them. Each drink has 60 calories and we especially like the top of these sports drink bottles because they DO NOT HAVE an EASY to displace REMOVABLE  top to contend with. Furthermore, they NEVER spill or leak in your bag. Remember: your drink is partially frozen so the bottle will sweat a little in your knapsack. So, wrap the drink up in a tea towel so the sweat does not dampen your belongings while in transit.  

8) On the topic of BEACH BLANKETS. Only a fool brings an actual blanket to the beach. We suggest you do one of two things. Either find a SUPER cool fabric shower curtain or buy a queen sized satin bed sheet online. They are both cool, ultra light and are incredibly small when you fold them up in your travel bag. For maximum POSITIVE AESTHETIC impact I like to match mine with my bikini and bicycle. Furthermore, because they are synthetic they dry pretty well instantly. I fold them up and tuck them into a zip-lock baggie so that errant sand particles are not transferred when I return home.  I empty my bag out upon arrival in the shower.


9) We strongly recommend you wear high waisted short shorts en route to the beach on your STYLISH beach cruiser. Our favorite brands of high waisted shorts include classic Levis and The Australian based brand One Teaspoon.  High wiasted shorts are great for several reaons. First, they look great on. Second, the high waist prevents the formation of the dreaded MUFFIN top crime against fashion. High waisted shorts create a smooth and sleek silhouette when you are sitting on your bicycle. Friends don’t let friends leave the house with muffin tops – period!

WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT: Jeffery Cambell Battle Gladiator Sandels

10) Footwear: We strongly suggest that you go for a STURDY shoe while biking to and from the beach. We love these Jeffery Campbell BATTLE gladiator sandals because they are durable, practical, well ventilated, and MOST IMPORTANTLY incorporate an ironic S&M twist in their design. 

Hope to see you at Third Beach – Ciao ciao!