Drafted By: Astrologist Leah Fay Bolton,

An Underlying Sexual Culture: Who are they Kidding. The world is going through Immense Changes. When the Canadian Armed Forced States that there is an underlying current of disrespect I am thrilled and affronted at the same time. Women are such an integral part of society and have been made to feel small and subservient and ostensibly just a place to put a penis. I mean look at our girls dressing up and unfortunate women who think that the next bedding will be their ticket to happiness. So many females believe that their power is not valid unless a male supports it. This takes away their freedom to be a strong voice rather than a culture of slaves. The world is now awakening and talking through social media showing that equality must be reflected on all counts. The oppressed women in Pakistan and the Amanda Todd incident in North America make us stand up and collectively DEMAND change!

We are seeing many possibilities and many untruths being told.  This year the Planets will move to uncover many false facts “Pluto in Capricorn” and “Uranus in Aries” ” Neptune in Pisces” its Ruler will uncover the harsh reality and demand long change. There will be No denying corporate rulership and when it is RECOGNIZED as  an AUTOCRATIC government we will rebel with alarming unity. Social Media thanks to Uranus is the real world order that will now meter all of the false facts and we will decide through our own research the real and solid truths. We are speaking with a voice louder than at any other time in humanity and I encourage all to state loudly your goal for happiness and Peace.

Since this is all a pattern of cycles studied throughout our history it behooves us to pay attention to what we are adding to the equation. Are you giving equally or are you taking more than your fair share? In your everyday world can you accept another for who they are and not their label – or do you just react to appearances. Do not be so shallow and try your hardest to see everyone as a living breathing person with family and life before you judge their skin color, race or religion. One day you may be the minority. The Earth herself is speaking with 6 active Volcanoes talking and making immense shifts. None of this is unrelated people, we all feed into this energy so – perhaps it is time we make PEACE?


Now is the time to fight to be heard clearly. State what you truly desire and no less. You will not get another opportunity for 16 months so go for it.


Be strong and be smart in your Investments. It is the right time to secure your desired agreements and plan your finances.


Dreams are teaching you what you need to let go of and your creative skills must now be applied in your living space. Be comfortable and generous to yourself.


Almost a hit and Run. keep at it you, are soon to knock it out of the park. Do Not give up on your dream.


Take some deep time to get to know hat your kids are really thinking , not just the answers they wast you to hear, and if you don’t have kids do this for those who see you as a leader.


You are finally getting clarity in relationships. So if it once worked and now it does not that’s OK. Nothing fails its just time to move. If it need a rehaul now is the time to speak your truth.


I know you’re feeling alone and like no one is listening but it is really just your heart felt truth that wants you to hear. Please speak more truth each and every day. Your Self needs to hear it.


Are you planning on getting hitched? Its a great time to be clear on agreements and make them a solid part of your life.  Be it  business, friendship or pleasure.


I know that you feel you can’t speak. So write it down! It is important for you to see where you are and decide if this is enough for you?


The Sense of Duty is strong. You are the trustworthy reliable. Your leadership skills will be utilized to help yourself and your environment. Take the reins and guide them to success.


So you’re fixing the banter of the mind and starting a new game. The Rule is to simply be happy. Anything you take on must be to your advantage.


So you have been so tired and not sure why. Its because you can now become a new you. Think about your health – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your payday will still come. But now it reflects the awesome person you are.