Up until recently it was believed that a calorie was a calorie. If you consumed 1,000 calories in chocolate and 1,000 calories in broccoli they both would contribute to the same about of weight gain or loss. That said, the common believe was that the 1,000 calories in high fiber, nutrient dense, broccoli would be better for you and keep you full longer so obviously the 1,000 calories derived from broccoli were more desirable. This old way of regarding calories has recently been challenged,

Scientists have recently discovered that there is a difference in terms of gaining or losing weight in the quality of the calories you consume, not just the quantity. There is an actual difference in consuming 500 calories of carrots from 500 calories of popcorn – although technically you should be consuming the same amount of energy, the popcorn makes you fatter just the same. (Source: Calorie Calculator)

So, the next time you are deciding between snacking on 150 calories of ice-cream or 150 calories of high protein Greek yogurt you may want to opt for the Greek yogurt if you want to lose or maintain your weight. 

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