When it comes to sex, too many are focused on time management, being efficient, and getting to the end. Asking questions like “Just how long should foreplay be?”, “How many orgasms should a woman have?” and “Why does it take women so long to orgasm?” undermines what sex is all about. If all we think about intercourse is the outcome, then it comes as no surprise that most women have a hard time experiencing a satisfying sexual experience. With that thought in mind, I am pleased to offer very simple but powerful changes your to sex life that you can make today. By introducing them into the bedroom, you will definitely give a woman more pleasure.

Take her mind off the clock.

Both men and women understand how performance anxiety can ruin a sexual experience. When we feel pressured to pop an orgasm in the shortest time possible (so as to make an impression that makes us feel like a sex master), there is nothing that can be done to give a woman the Big O.

Give her permission to let go.

Tell her that she has all the time in the world. Tell her that you want to play with her because it makes you happy and nothing else matters. If she doesn’t give herself permission to relax and forget about time, then give it to her. This is part of embarking on the journey of connecting with mindfulness, femininity, and sensuality. Learn more in my upcoming workshop “
Awaken Your Energy…Transform Your Life!”

Stop obsessing about orgasms.

Experiencing orgasms is not always indicative of sexual satisfaction. However, it certainly can contribute to it. Our society is very structured and goal-oriented. Sex has been impacted by this detrimental trend as well. The orgasm has been made to be the goal of sex, and anything less than achieving that is considered failure. Sex isn’t about the gold medal. It’s about the experience and journey. WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT: http://bit.ly/1LMml8t

For those of you who genuinely crave more information about giving your lover the best pleasurable experience, I highly recommend investing time in viewing one episode of #AskKarolina Show, where I share the deepest desires and fears behind her orgasms.

Expand your definition of sex.

Remember this: Sex doesn’t start with intercourse and it doesn’t end with an orgasm. If it does for you, then I imagine it to be very dry, boring, and predictable. Start with sexual play. Go for oral if you feel so inclined, then take break. Let both of you to walk around with sexual energy allowing it to buildup. You don’t need to finish a meal in one sitting.

Speak up when naked.

Are you quiet when having oral sex? Change that! You probably focus so much on doing it right that you forget about the pleasurable part of the experience. Women don’t like to have a man in between her legs who is dead silent. Show that you are loving what you are doing. Moan, caress her body, look into her eyes, and tell her how tasty she is.

Compliment her body.

When women worry about the way they look, it prevents them from being completely relaxed, which is so important for unleashing her sexual capacity. An article in the Journal of Sex Research found that women who feel ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies tend to have less sex and be less sexually assertive.

Watch the body signals.

Become an observer. I know that many of you think that her loud moans are the best indicators of the level of pleasure she is experiencing. Wrong! Instead, notice if she extends her back, curls her fingers, or breathes deeper; these are the signs of her feeling waves of pleasure.

First “O” before intercourse.

I strongly believe that it should be a law for a woman to experience her first orgasm before any intercourse even starts. For women, our first orgasm is just a warm-up. Not to scare you or put more pressure on you, but it’s true. Use oral, sex toys, mutual masturbation, manual stimulation, or petting to get her there. Allow your creativity to rule.

Awaken her feminine energy.

Workshops are a great way for women to share and empower each other. I offer an intimate and exclusive women ONLY workshop that is designed to connect conscious living, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, sexuality, passion and feminine energy. It will enhance and elevate her life in every dimension! If she is exhausted and treats herself only once a month by going to the spa, then you know why her sexual energy is not blooming.