Every company needs a GREAT logo and MetroLivingZine is no different. Earlier this month, we approached Kean Tan (ModisClub, nexusV) who has a fantastic design track record and the technological know-how to submit some options for consideration. His designs did not disappoint!

The two logo’s were similar but had two distinct feels and we just could not make up our minds! So we put it to social media to help with the decision…

Feedback was varied with the majority finding Option #2 the favourite. Above is a mock-up of the logo with coloured search lights. A great suggestion came in to modify the lights a la google on special days and celebrations. It is a flexible logo that conveys what MetroLivingZine is all about and celebrating the culture we live in.

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METRO LIVING ZINE NEWS IMAGE CREDIT: http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/09/02/kean-tan-a-profile-on-modiclubs-co-founder-by-vfw/

We want to share more information about Kean Tan and his involvement with Vancouver Fashion Week with our readers. Journalist Mark Abbott blogged about Kean, his technology businesses and background earlier this month for The Province newspaper. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Through our self-manage online platform – MODISclub.com – we are providing VFW with a mass texting tool that can reach and engage its large mobile audiences more directly and effectively than many other mediums that have become obsolete. The flexible system will also allow audiences to automatically opt-in/opt-out by simply texting a keyword (e.g., VFW, VFW STOP) to a dedicated mobile number, providing VFW a clean, permission-based database to keep their audiences alerted, interested and engaged. With this form of direct communication, the areas VFW will be able to benefit most are their event promotions and ticket sales, management of the VIP guest lists, last minute changes, volunteers, the day-to-day operations and emergency communications. Beyond that, we are also helping VFW with a mobile responsive site that caters to their backstage team who are essential in making the magic happen throughout the week. There will be a new light shining on the backstage where models, hair/makeup artists and more will be recognized and featured. This should foster some new interest and provide new credibility to what they do. The site will also become a great resource for sponsors, retailers, students, volunteers and the general public.”

Click here to read the full article at The Province online.

The METROLIVINGZINE.COM team is  honored to work with Mr. Kean Tan and strongly recommend’s his design and technology services. If you are interested in contacting Mr. Tan he can be reached at:

NexusV Inc. MODI$club