Drafted By Mr. Jack Wass 

                I visited the ROAM Gallery to cover my dear friend Roxanne Oltean’s exhibition on Friday evening and saw a vibrant collection of artists show their pride and work, hosted by Jennifer Angers Daerendinger.  This is always a great evening, with the gallery full of smiling faces and a roar of conversation, with a bar for a cheeky tipple if that takes your fancy.
The ROAM predominantly shows up-and-coming artists in the Vancouver area, and also occasionally some renowned artists from across the continent.

Below: Image of artist Lil Chrzan’s and a painting of British Columbia.


                Lil Chrzan’s paintings of our beautiful British Columbia really stood out, with her lovely use of dappled sunlight that reminded me of some of Renoit’s paintings. 
Lil produces a cozy and crisp feel that really seduces the viewer.  I found that her soft and wonderfully hazy style very calming.  Something to really breathe in and beautifully painted.

                Karen Cunningham took me through her process in quite detail.  This is an artist that truly paints from the soul.  Absolute expression on canvas.  We spoke for a few minutes and I had the chance to find where her work comes from and it was fascinating.  With a background in art therapy, Karen uses colours and textures to really reflect what she feels, rather that what she is picking up from the subject, whether that be a live nude or symbolic animals such as horses or buffalo.

                Laura Lea LeDonne’s work of flowers shows a bright array of reds, yellows, pinks and purple hues, with delicate detail.  In particularly I liked the paintings with a darker, more ambient backdrop, making the flowers of the painting really spring.  Very light and simplistic work, that achieves a brightness that is missing only the scent.  In some cases a bronze colouring was used to highlight a vase or stigma, which I think really worked.

                Roxana Oltean is a more conceptual artist, sometimes with her use of words to make a bold point about an experience in her life.  Along with the word series, what really caught my eye was the pieces she uses rhinestones with.  There was a series of skulls made with rhinestones and I loved them.  A perfect juxtaposition.  Roxana painstakingly applies gems, words, brushstrokes and mosaics to her work, that keeps your eyes busy.  Very interesting pieces, meticulously made to often minute detail.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from this charming artist and friend.  Along with her art, Roxana was showcasing her scarves by Rocco Wear.  They feature winterwear for our upcoming chilly season for both men and women.  Well made with quality wools and very stylish.

                All the artists have their work for sale at The ROAM Gallery until November 2nd.  Please contact Jennifer Angers Daerendinger at the gallery on 604-970-4785 for a viewing appointment. Please look out for The ROAM Gallery on social media and I hope that you make your way there for future exhibitions!

Author Jack Wass: