Bonus Tip of the Week

At the heart of our feeling loved is our fundamental need to feel appreciated, heard, acknowledged, recognized and witnessed for all that makes us special and unique, for the things we do everyday and the contributions we make in small and large ways. I believe it is fundamentally important to feel appreciated by those around us and especially from those we love and care about. In my experience: in my personal life and professionally, it is fundamentally important to feel appreciated and to have the hope of that eventuality! Appreciation is a main ingredient in feeling loved. Embracing all you are grateful for, sharing your appreciation, and being thankful creates real authentic happiness for you, not just other people.

In the same way that laughing is infectious so is happiness. An attitude of gratitude makes a world of difference to you and is a gift to everyone else. Developing your appreciation and gratitude everyday creates happy neural networks in your brain. The added bonus is that this mindset creates a global effect of positivity and infuses all your relationships with connection and love. How can you show your appreciation today for those you love? Say thank you to them for what makes them unique, special, and how they contribute to your happiness and you will feel happier too. It is a win-win.

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