Drafted By: Leah Faye Bolton.

A long time Ago the Ancients noticed that there were moving objects in the heavens and paid attention to the fact that they apparently were cycles. Way before we even had a telescope ancient Hindu Vedic Astrologers, First Nations,and many other cultures would look to the heavens and notice that a Star had in fact disappeared. This was the beginning of paying attention to the cycles that seem to influence our earth and our very souls and individual lives.

As the Star’s Light diminished and went away for a time it would then re appear and was recorded and noted. As a result of this the next generation also witnessed these events and we were able to see the cycle that became evident. This was the Planet blocking the light.


They also observed that the movements never went above or below a particular horizon in the night sky. So they chose 12 Constellations to accurately record these movements and thus became the basis for “Mathematics”. In ancient Babylon they perfected the cyclic measurements and found the 360 Circle. Coincidentally, if you were schooled in ancient Babylon you would have had to learn your times tables up to 360.

The ancients noticed patterns in the Zodiac’s movement’s over time. They thought that perhaps these Zodiac movements were signs that the celestial God’s were moving. The Ancient Greeks made a strong case for this and they assigned them Powers in relation to EARTHLY events that they were experiencing. As time passed it became unerringly clear that these cycles were important and influential.

If you consider that our Solar System planets revolve around our Sun then you are keenly aware that there most certainly must be a gravitational pull.  You already understand the cycle of tides. As a woman I have always lived by the Lunar Cycle and fully understand the fact that the earth revolves around seasons, and the planetary influences also provide an impetus for change and opportunity if acknowledged. This is where Modern Day Astrology comes in to play. All of the creations we make – whether a birth, or corporate launch, will cast a shadow of events to be stimulated by the planetary actions. With Zodiac assisted foreknowledge you have a strategic opportunity to realize all that is possible in your life and business.

I have researched how zodiac cycles affect business in addition to realizing personal goals like achieving peace and happiness. Sometimes, it can be a humbling process to take the necessary steps to build long lasting happiness and true peace. But, the Clues on how to do so are readily made available by virtue of the study of the Zodiac

I am an Expert in reading the cycles of the Zodiac.  I personally apply the principles of the zodiac in the corporate world in my role as a Certified Technology Expert for GM and I am thrilled to be able to offer you insight into how upcoming Astrological events that may effect you. So, stay tuned for my next column and live with Integrity until then.

 Blessed Be.