Presented by ARC Works at Vancouver Fringe Festival

WHEN: September 8-18, 7pm-9pm

WHERE: Info Centre (next to Cats Social House, Granville Island)

Free Admission – pay it forward with Acts of Random Care

ARC (Acts of Random Care) Works (runner up for the Vancouver Fringe Site-Specific Award and a 4-star review by the Vancouver Sun for 2013’s My Hole Life) is proud to present the premiere of Walk the Talk at the Vancouver Fringe Festival from Thursday, September 8 to Sunday, September 18, 2016.

Eccentric guides walk the audience members through a 40-minute encampment of several living, and one dying, mini-exhibitions of select artists including international talent such as conductor/composer Akira Toda (Japan), actor Zachary Ibrahim (Singapore), musical theatre artist Diana Kaarina (New York), choreographer/dancer Miho Suzuki (Japan), and actor/singer Yukari Komatsu (Japan). Local artists featured in Walk the Talk include musical saw musician Andrea Minden, cabaret artist Caroe Sandoval, visual artist Lisa Penz, and spoken word artist Kyle Hawkes.

This project is inspired by Thomas C. Knox’s quote, “Human interaction, we don’t do enough of that.” Walk the Talk is
a site-specific production aimed at bringing people together to encourage interactions, communication and links through personal stories, all of which are often found lacking in modern cities such as Vancouver. Co-creator Bon Dos wished to artistically address this phenomenon and reflect on the need for more human interface within a theatre art project. During his recent international art expeditions, when he met artists abroad with stories that can connect people, he was compelled to bring them to Vancouver and work together with our local talent to develop a show. Bon and his ARC Works partners, Yukari Komatsu and Tina Wang created an unorthodox piece of theatre. Their production provides an immersive experience in which artists and individual audience members can come together to build, explore, and enjoy a truly unique connection through a performance that is personalized each time.

Creators: Bon Dos, Yukari Komatsu, and Tina Wang

Production Manager/Technical Director/Stage Manager: Kate DeLorme

Designer Consultant/Crew: Lorraine Lai

Guides: Bon Dos, Lynne Lee, Randy McCormick, and Tina Wang

Artists: Kyle Hawkes, Zachary Ibrahim, Diana Kaarina, Yukari Komatsu, Andrea Minden, Lisa Penz, Caroe Sandoval, Miho Suzuki, and Akira Toda

About ARC Works:

Vancouver-based ARC (Acts of Random Care) Works is an alternative art production company that both supports and creates artistic experiences within our community. ARC Works’ journey, whether it relates to works created locally or abroad, is to promote the understanding, expression and above all, the humble acceptance and sharing of a diverse humanity between us all.