Enter Ashley Young, a striking model who hails from humble beginnings. Born in rural Chilliwack, British Columbia, Ashley is now 26 years old and is living the life she was told she couldn’t have. When she first stepped into the world of modelling (wearing killer heels, no doubt, as she tends to do no matter where she is), she was strictly confined to Glamour. People told her she would never make it anywhere else, as she was too short, or too muscular, or too thin, or too small chested.

She didn’t let those no’s stop her.

Instead, she waved away the nay sayer’s and set her lovely chin, and has now been internationally published multiple times and has walked a good number of runways’ for some amazing designers. Now in her 10th year of modelling, she’s done both Glamor and Fashion shoots, something that people had told her would not be possible because of her body type. Her Playboy Philippines debut was a massive milestone for her, and has encouraged her to continue pushing the boundaries of what a model ‘should’ be.

Young landed the Playboy shoot after she flawlessly modelled bathing suits from Bikini Empire and Trash Lingerie for Metro Living Zine’s Positive Living BC Fundraiser. Local photographer William Orsula ended up showing images of Ashley wearing the bikinis to Playboy Philippines head photographer, JJ Maghirang III, who promptly decided she needed to shoot with him. JJ, William, and videographer Jun Lee Cacapit met up with Ashley at Vancouver’s Olympic Village, who once again wore the astounding bikinis from Bikini Empire, thanks to Metro Living Zine’s founder Angela Krewenchuk. Thus, Ashley became the first fitness model to grace the pages of an issue of Playboy.

So now what is this lovely, empowering model doing?

Forging on, of course. Young continues to model consistently, and has recently been published in Elegant Magazine, which was shot by Vienna Sparrow. The shoot was one of Ashley’s favourites, because it captured her softer, more feminine side, something that doesn’t happen too often. Generally, as a fitness model, she takes part in shoots with harsh light so as to highlight her muscular figure. Though she enjoys being a fitness model, having the opportunity to show her other side is refreshing for her.

With fitness, in 2016 Ashley decided to become more serious. She has recently been in two body building competitions, and has qualified for next year’s national competition. On top of all of that, she is also a deft make-up artist (her business is known as Beauty by Ash), and has slowly begun to dabble in some acting.

In other words, Ashley Young is a fierce player in the worlds of beauty and strength.

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