Drafted by: Karen Maurage

Autumn Skye Morrison is a local artist from Powell River, whose visionary art is both beautiful and inspiring.  Her new original “Goddess Rising” artworks were featured at The Beaumont Studio May 29 & 30. In those two days I witnessed person after person that came through the gallery stand in awe at each art piece.  They would be overcome by emotions that were stirred in simply gazing upon the art. It was pure pleasure to be in the energy of the art and the people who gathered there.  

Autumn Skye has created a visual testimony to our true potential – our compassionate, loving and creative selves.  Her art draws you to it and speaks to you; all you have to do is be with the art.


Testimonials by some of Autumn Skye’s guests:

Goddess Rising brought together a room full of exactly that. souls on their journey to wholeness.  Being in the gallery, surrounded by Autumn’s inspiring art and those who came to bear witness was such an uplifting experience.   In a time when so much is at stake globally and it feels that we are balancing on a knife edge cusp about to plummet into the dark, Autumn’s art gives me hope that we can instead co-create a healed relationship with the earth and with each other.  The time is now.  The task is all of ours.   So much gratitude to Autumn Skye for giving us all a vision of what we can become.  And in fact, what we are, when we peel back all that we are not.


Each art piece had potent medicine and magic…each one I stood in front of I felt an outpouring of energy…each piece holds so many keys to unlocking our shadows joys pain and beauty…thank you for creating such works of art! Truly an inspiration and a gift to witness…

~Natania Mary Creatrix

Autumn Skye Morrison gave a fabulous illuminating talk on Saturday into the process of the unfolding of her art and the story that it contains, both for her and in the greater context of human evolution as a whole, with the challenges at this important transitional time being met with the new vitality of the ‘Goddess Rising’ in the individual and collective consciousness of the world. I was honoured to be invited to play my Navaho flute and introduce Autumn Skye in such a Sacred Space created by such divinely inspired, vital for the collective consciousness of humanity, Works of Art.

~Doc Corazon


If you missed her this time, she will be back!  In the meantime you can visit her website to view and purchase her artwork:



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