This writer recently underwent several laser treatments by the owner operator ofBeautiluscious.

In anticipation of SS 2015 I was eager to have the unsightly sun damage removed from my back. Let me just say, it is AMAZING to literally see my sun spots wash off 2 weeks later after each treatment in the shower. Be cautioned, it takes MORE than one treatment to garner the unblemished creamy skin we desire. Also, be cautioned, there will be a little discomfort involved during the treatment sessions.

From late Oct 2014-Feb 04 2015 I have had a series of 6 treatments and am nearing completion. I will most likely require another 2-3 treatments bringing the total to 8 or 9. Not bad considering how many hours I wiled away in suntanning beds during the 1990’s.

Admittedly, my youth was misspent in mid-day sun without sunscreen so I had quite a bit of sun damage to treat. If you are in discomfort after your session purchase some Solarcaine: Lidocaine Spray over-the-counter from your local pharmacy. The Lidocaine in Solarcaine is a non-prescription topical pain reliever.

The super cool thing about Beautiluscious is that it is a MOBILE SERVICE. They come to you. This is fantastic if you want to assemble a group of friends for a Laser Beauty Services party. Another bonus to hosting a laser party for a group of friends is that all of your treatments will cost a little less and it makes for a super fun evening! No one is hosting or attending dated Tupperware parties anymore that I am aware of?

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