Envy, invidia, that emotion that longs with spite and hate, that great cause of human unhappiness. We are envious when we lack something superior, some advantage, some THING that satisfies us, and see it in others. Our envy inspires in us great spite, as we decide vitriolically that if we cannot have that good thing which we desire, then no one else should. And we lash out, and we strike out, and try to grapple the world with our jealousy. But always, to no avail.


Envy is the desire that rears its head when that sexiest of creatures walks by us. Oh, how we wish we were them, with their beautiful features and their illustrious skin and their wonderful body. Oh how easy then would our lives be.

But always envy returns to us and smites us, she strikes us down with laughter and irony. And we are  left with nothing but our thoughts and our weakness. So beauty passes us by and our grasping at it, our tearing it away earns us nothing good. Our envy leads us to spite ourselves.


But still we continue, never do we stop. We still crave what others have, and hate them for it. Such is the spirit of envy that most pernicious of vices, that which causes so much harm by turning us against one another.

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photographer: Ronald Lee https://www.facebook.com/TheRonaldLee?fref=ts

Mua: BadilaBeauty https://www.facebook.com/BadilaBeauty

Model: Theres Amee https://www.facebook.com/theres.amee.7?fref=ts

Designer: Nancy Amenty https://www.facebook.com/nancy.amenti?fref=ts

Venue: Ronald Lee Studios https://www.facebook.com/ronaldleestudios

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