Drafted By: Ana Badila 


We all want an amazing sex life. We want to lay in bed and experience wave upon wave of explosive, all-consuming pleasure. But how many of us know the outcome of pursuing such hedonistic paths? 

When we put together this Photo shoot, we knew we had to touch the deepest desire that lingers in us all. We knew that we had to offer an invitation to this sinful underworld. We knew just the thing: Lust!


But how does lust feel? 

If we could understand Lust, we would have the most phenomenal craving of all. 

Lust feels like a cavern filled with magma that boils on the inside. It’s whirling is constantly pushing outwards and heat is melting the walls. When it finally bursts our inhibitions vanish with it and envelops the body of other that we crave so much. And when we melt into each other’s arms, that fierce embrace threatens to consume everything to the point that there’s nothing left from the beauty of love or integrity of character. All that’s left are traces of an incomparable pleasure that lasted a few ephemeral moments.


Such is the nature of lust: empowering, deceitful, insatiable and deadly.


Credits: Photographer: Ronald Lee; https://www.facebook.com/ronaldleestudios HMUA: Ana Badila; https://www.facebook.com/BadilaBeauty Model: Michelle Poole/ Bella M; https://www.facebook.com/BellaM.Model Location: Harrison Galleries; http://www.harrisongalleries.com