Hosted by: Vernard Lg Goud, Danielle Taylor, & Jim Michaels

When: Saturday, November 14thTime: 7:30pm to 11:30pmWhere: Xi Shi Lounge, Shangri-La, 1128 W Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 0A8

Adam H and I are very happy to announce a fully decorated XiShi Lounge BOMBAY SAPPHIRE NIGHT with 1 FREE Bombay Sapphire Cocktail for each attendee before 8:30PM!

I am also very happy to have the mesmerizingly beautiful professional model DANIELLE TAYLOR ( RICHARDS INTERNATIONAL MODELS) celebrate her 23rd Birthday Bash with us this evening. Many of you might have have met her 3 weeks ago when my awesome friend photographer Emma Dunlavey photographed her for her Bowie themed Photo/Artwork Exhibit we are having at ART BASEL, MIAMI on dec 1 with her best friend PAMELA ANDERSON & our other special guest RAPHAEL MAZZUCCO ( who is donating an artwork for the Pamela Anderson Foundation) Emma has already created 2 outstanding pieces of Danielle Taylor to be showcased at our big VIP MEDIA event at the Sagamore Hotel on South Beach, Miami! Spinning for you this evening is the one and only Chris Strebly!


Based on a secret recipe from 1761, the creation of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin is truly unique. There are only a few Carterhead stills remaining in the world today and three are exclusive to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. Unlike many other gins, which boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their taste, the 10 botanicals in BOMBAY SAPPHIRE are held separate from the spirit in a perforated copper basket. The Carterhead stills remove any last impurities in the spirit vapour before it passes up through the basket and in a process known as vapour infusion it is delicately infused with the aromatic flavours of the botanicals. The result is the complex and refined taste which gives BOMBAY SAPPHIRE its extraordinary mixability. Please enjoy it responsibly.