Off for yet another last minute trip to the midwest or eastern Canada?  If you are like me and spend half your time travelling for work, then these simple tips should make your life much easier and get you out the door and on your way in no time.

1.  Don’t over think your packing, all you really need is a good suit with a couple mix and match shirt or blouses, and if your trip extends beyond a few days, throw in a different pair of pants or a skirt to really it up.  The rest is simple, something to sleep in, work out in and a dressy outfit.  The bottom line is don’t over think or over pack.

2.  Pack toiletries as you use them on the morning you are leaving.  Going through your usual routine and packing the things you use will ensure you don’t forget the things that are important and make getting ready simple while you are on the road.

3.  Wear a comfortable outfit on the plane.  I prefer comfortable pants, and I always include a pair of socks for cold feet and a shawl tucked in my purse in case I get cold.  Now I realize this can be tricky if you have to rush to a meeting when you land, but slacks with flat shoes for women and a suit that is wrinkle free work best for those occasions.  


4.  Make sure your seat selection and check in are done in advance.  There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and finding out that all the airline has left are middle seats.  Experienced travelers know, this little step will alleviate any stress about where you are being seated.

5.  Do a check list for anything that could stand in the way of you getting on that plane:  do you have your passport, e ticket information, US destination address (if necessary) and credit card to pay for luggage fees?  Everything else you forget can be bought, but these four things are essential for clearing customs and being prepared for check in.


6.  Enjoy the decompression that can happen on a plane.  Let’s be honest, this may be the one and only place you can completely unplug from all contact and any electronic devices…take the time to catch up on a good book, watch a movie or simply rest, you deserve it!