Joe Biz – Chance the Actor

At the tender age of ten and already boasting a resume’ that puts many of his elders to shame, Chance Hurstfield is clearly on the path to fame.

Having spent much of his early years on television and film sets, the young actor has illustrated the direction in which his future lies…and being one of the busier young actors juggling varying roles as we speak, it was evident early on that this was meant to be.

“I really enjoyed it from the very first take that I ever did,” he tells me. “I was only four at the time and I kind of got caught up talking to some of the other actors. I wasn’t that professional at the time but it was fun and I thought it was cool.”

From an introductory role in a Movie of the Week called ‘Innocent’ the roles have since expanded both on screen and in animated voice work.

“In my opinion they’re all really fun,” says Chance of the various characters he’s portrayed, “but I’d have to say my most favourite are suspense and comedy. My dream role would be a comedian by day and a killer by night.”

The son of local Music Producer Executive Adam Hurstfield, the apple clearly didn’t fall far from the tree.

“I had a feeling Chance was going to want to be in the industry because I’ve been in it my entire life,” says Adam Hurstfield. “When he was a little kid it was obvious. He wasn’t even three years old before he was showing signs so he was in love with the lights and the cameras.”

As of today, Chance Hurstfield has a yet undisclosed role in the highly-rated CGI animated Nikelodeon kid’s series ‘Paw Patrol’ and, as we sat for this chat, has just landed a substantial role in a locally-shot Ben Stiller movie.

Suffice it to say, the young star’s previous characters range from good kid to rather nasty and not always PG rated!

“I like the challenging stuff,” says Chance. “I get a bigger range when I do more challenging things because I get to learn how to play someone new. It’s so fun because you get to create your own character out of what they give you.”

And what does the future hold for the young Mr. Hurstfield?

“By the time I’m fifteen I want to see myself with at least three more awards and I want to work with a really famous actor like maybe Johnny Depp or Matt Damon. I actually got a Matt Damon show offered to me but there were dates conflicting.”

As for the proud papa?

“I knew (his fame) was inevitable and he booked his first role on his first audition. I always believed it was a matter of time!”

Not a matter of Chance!