Christmas Market Preview Exhibit
Fall Circle Craft Gallery Show — September 21–November 2, 2017

Circle Craft Gallery’s Fall exhibit will give Circle Craft Christmas Market lovers a sneak peek! Visit Circle Craft’s gallery in the Net Loft building on Granville Island for a chance to see work from craft artists who will exhibit at the Market in 2017.

Exhibitors in the Preview exhibition are: East Van Jam, G Ceramic & Co, Ludviks Designs, Lulu Fiedler, Market Canvas Leather, Misheo, Rosewell Woodworking, Susie Benes, and Yifat Jovani.

The gallery preview runs from September 21 until November 2, while the Market, with hundreds more artisans exhibiting, takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre November 8 to 12, 2017.

East Van Jam (Vancouver, BC)

East Van Jam is owned and operated by East Vancouver’s Natalie Ferrari-Morton. After three years hosting canning workshops under the moniker “Homesteading Mamas,” she decided it was time to take the jam scene by storm and hatched East Van Jam. With gourmet flavour pairings and a mere fraction of the sugar, East Van Jam produces fun and guilt-free spreads inspired by the eclectic variety of characters that make East Vancouver so unique. Using less sugar in their jams means there’s way more fruit in every jar, and jams and spreads made from fruit at the peak of their harvest result in a fresh and intense flavoured preserve tasting of the actual fruit – untainted or masked by the overload of sugar used in traditionally made jams and preserves. All East Van Jam fruit is sourced from within British Columbia.

G Ceramic & Co (Vancouver, BC)

Gabrielle Burke founded G Ceramic & Co as she was enamoured by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. G Ceramic & Co is about curating one’s life. It’s about redefining living. All of Gabrielle’s pieces are either hand-built or thrown on the wheel, fired in her studio, and dipped in hand-made glazes. All decoration is hand-drawn with 18k gold. Gabrielle is an Emily Carr University of Art and Design graduate and former product designer.

Ludviks Designs (Hamilton, ON)

Elizabete Ludviks’ work is inspired by Scandinavian and Baltic roots, creating playful and unique designs that strike a balance between geometric and organic, fragile and strong, precious and ordinary, traditional and modern.

The 3D printed pieces are first made by hand in metal, 3D scanned into a 3D software, tweaked and arranged on a computer screen, then printed on a 3D printer in Oakville Ontario. She hand-polishes all her 3D work, hand-dyes them in her studio, and attaches the necessary findings or extra silver parts before finishing the final product.

Lulu Fiedler (Vancouver, BC)

Lulu Fiedler’s work draws inspiration from nature, having grown up facing the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Chile. Her work is considered subtle and sophisticated, and draws upon her experiences. Her style and work reflects her life. Lulu employs techniques mastered from years of training from Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Canada utilizing the process of self-discovery that is inherent in her passion for experimenting with different techniques, forms, and materials. Lulu’s design aesthetic is timeless and unique: it has echoes of the past while embracing the future. Her pieces have balance, presence, and beauty.

Market Canvas Leather (Tofino, BC)

Market Canvas Leather goods are hand-crafted by designer, Julie Boocock, in Tofino, BC. Julie, a self-taught leather worker, launched Market Canvas in 2014. Minimalism and structure anchor the brand, combined with a focus on timeless designs, to offer elements of sophistication suited for every day.

Market Canvas bags are made of 100% natural leather. They primarily use oil-tanned leather, which is naturally stain and water resistant.

Misheo (Vancouver, BC)

Misheo specializes in illustrated scarves and prints created by Canadian designer Michelle Pang, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She enjoys taking inspiration from nature’s unique beauty, often focusing on rare animals and plants. Each print created features a thoughtfully hand-crafted original illustration. All designs are professionally printed in limited quantities onto high quality natural fabrics and papers to create luxurious and unique wearable pieces. Artworks are made using traditional media, such as pencil and ink, combined with digital media. The illustrations are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are characterized by elegant arrangements of flora and fauna. Each design can take up to a month to complete.

Rosewell Woodworking (McDougall, ON)

Randy Rosewell has a lifetime of experience working in Muskoka as a stonemason and woodworker. His Rosewell Woodworking creates beautiful and unique wooden pepper, salt, and coffee grinders. A variety of wood is used, including walnut, cherry, birdseye maple, white oak, padauk, wenge, purpleheart, rosewood, olivewood burl, zebrawood, and olivewood. The grinders are antique in style and feature a crank handle, which is turned by hand. The pepper grinders and lids for the mason jar coffee grinders are turned using a lathe and chisels making each piece unique. After turning, Randy sands the items smooth and then the item is finished using numerous coats of shellac. The other style of coffee grinder uses box joints.

Susie Benes (Vancouver, BC)

Susie Benes has been fascinated with horses since childhood. “I’m one of those for whom horses are not simply a passing fancy, but an enduring passion and a daily inspiration,” she says. Susie is originally from Toronto and has lived in the Czech Republic and England, where she completed a master’s degree in the history of art from the University of Oxford. Susie works in non-toxic, lightweight clay. Each clay sculpture is unique.

Yifat Jovani (Burnaby, BC)

Yifat Jovani’s designs are fresh and playful. She draws her inspiration from her years of travels, her love of nature, and from the beauty and strength of the women around her. Yifat believes women don’t have to suffer to look fabulous. Her feminine designs are made for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes and can easily be transitioned from day to evening wear.

Recognizing the demands of the modern woman’s lifestyle, Yifat designs clothes that are easy to wear, easy to pair, and easy to care for. All of Yifat’s creations are locally produced and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

Christmas Market Preview
September 21 – November 2, 2017
Circle Craft Shop & Gallery
(1 – 1666 Johnston Street, Net Loft, Granville Island)
T: 604.669.8021
10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily
Admission: Free