Leah Bolton

Leah Bolton I began my metaphysical life with Astrology as my foundation and I am a past President of The Astrological Association of Western Canada. My true passion is Magic and I have attained the high honor of becoming “a teacher of Witches”. My hearts joy is “A Course in Magic” which I wrote and teach. There, I explain all aspects of Celtic Magic, Natural Law Cycles, Sacred Rites of the Moon, Candle Spells, and much much more. In 2004 I devoted 2 years to my inner journey as I became an O rdained Ishaya Monk & Teacher of Meditation.  The outer world also must be honored in one’s life and I am a Certified Technology Expert for GM Canada and have 32 years as a sales professional. I can show you how “The Law of Attraction” can be applied in your working’ as well as your personal life.

I Believe that the basis of all teaching must be love and every expression must be honest. In purity there is power and Magic, this I teach from the depths of my soul. I also provide an email service where I send daily thoughts, or help with spells, astrologically important events, or things I have learned from others. Please let me know if you are interested in this low cost service. It is my pleasure and honor to share my gift and knowledge with you.

Leah Faye Bolton 604-565-5673