The Gifts of Cutting the Cord

My father bought me my first TV when I was three years old…

because I kept on tripping the house alarm in the morning descending downstairs to watch cartoons. In hindsight, I think cable TV may have been inappropriately relied on in my household as a babysitter. Last year I cut the cord and canceled my cable.

Admittedly, I still miss the news. However, not indulging in TV has freed up more time for me to explore other interests like art. Without the distraction of cable, I have more time to work, cook, bake, and meditate for 40 min a day (20 min in am, 20 min pm). Now, I go to the gym between 3-6 times a week and have REDISCOVERED the joy of READING books. I love curling up on the couch by the fire on a cozy fall evening with a good book or fashion magazine!

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