Event: COUTURIST Grand Opening Party

Date and time: May 07, 1:00pm-6:00pm

Location: COUTURIST, 1085 Robson Street, Vancouver

Cost: FREE

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/169457388413884

What’s included : DJ Eddie Rolando playing Pop and House music, food, wine, door crasher gifts, 10-20% off discount for all shoppers, and a lucky draw for $50-$100 gift card.

This event is a grand opening party for local fashion retailer COUTURIST
to launch their new, tastefully minimalist space on 1085 Robson street
. They are known to carry contemporary clothes catered to young women from age 18-40 from the U.K., Los Angeles and Australia.

The founders are Vicky Peng (Creative Director), Riko Wang (Executive Director) and Daniel Chen (Financial Director). All three young professionals have worked in the fashion retail industry for years, and together, they launched a new retailer and led it to huge success. This provided them with the confidence and inspiration to start their own brand.

Riko says, “I have always seen amazing styles in magazines, yet was sadden by the lack of choices in Vancouver. We were excited and overwhelmed when Vicky and I went on our first buying trip in Las Vegas. Our second trip clarified exactly which audience we would like to service, and the styles that are most appealing to us. We hand-pick each piece in our store with love.”

When asked about the three C’s that are associated with the brand COUTURIST, the founders explain their concept as:

Contemporary:Very simplistic, minimalist, modern, and urban.

They have unique designs and cutting, neutral colours and structural, geometric shapes. Pops of colours and abstract prints are a part of the aesthetic, too. We use such designs to express our personality.

The quality of material is high. The customer will feel comfortable wearing the garment.

Both Riko and Daniel are graduates of the University of British Columbia for Economics, and Vicky is a graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic Univeristy for Marketing Management. Their ambition is to expand and open up more locations for COUTURIST in multiple North American cities within five to ten years. They also would like to launch their own fashion clothing collection for both womenswear and menswear in addition to their existing jewelry line. They pride themselves on servicing a wide range of clientele, from locals such as students, professionals and parents to tourists.

Riko, Daniel and Vicky opened a pop-up shop for the month of December in 2015 at the same location. Their overwhelming success sped up their planning for opening the retail store permanently. It took one year to plan for the online store, and they opened the current store one year after launching the pop-up shop. COUTURIST makes sure that every accessory and piece of clothing is an affordable, quality garment with a unique design that you wouldn’t normally see in Vancouver.

Brands that COUTURIST carries:

1) Achro: Founded in 2010, ACHRO is designed in the Arts District neighbourhood of Downtown Los Angeles. Focusing on modern shapes, ACHRO maintains an achromatic colour scheme for each collection using classic, neutral colours.

2) ASTR: ASTR is a lifestyle brand that has an eye for design. They create effortless, yet refined, pieces that reflect the modern woman.

3) C for Charlotte: C for Charlotte is for the confident, independent and fearless you. Your great sense in stylizing and accessorizing will be a great match with the simple and clean designs from C for Charlotte. They also offer transcendent statement pieces and are based in Vancouver.

4) Cloverpost: Cloverpost is known for their clean and simple, premium-grade jewelry designs. Handcrafted in Nashville, USA, each piece emanates a modern and contemporary flair.

5) Half United: Half United uses recycled bullet casings in their designs to represent the fight against global hunger. For every product purchased, Half United gives half of all of the profits towards feeding children in need. The re-purposed bullet casings serve as a reminder of the good you did to change the life of a child.

6) Illesteva: Illesteva was founded in 2010 when the company saw a need for designer sunglasses with a vintage feel that integrated contemporary materials. All of the frames are handmade in Italy and France, similar to the leading manufactures of luxury eyewear. Illesteva pushes the limits of modern design and creates vintage, unique, hand-crafted, round sunglasses.

Introducing shapes of glasses to optimize and flatter numerous face shapes, Illesteva glasses are a balance between traditional frame silhouettes and universal appeal. Clean lines and modern shapes embody the collection’s core.

7) Jack Meets Kate: Jack Meets Kate
was born from the vision of a Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer known for producing high-quality apparel in the USA. It
is influenced by European effortless rocker chic with a touch of edgy downtown staples. The concept behind the brand’s name is the combination of the two very individual but connected styles of Jack the androgynous boy and the very sexy and glamorous Kate. The brand’s playful uptown sophistication, tailored and borrowed from the boy’s looks, are timeless, innovative and versatile.

8) J.O.A. (Just One Answer): J.O.A. is a global destination for women looking for runway-inspired, fun and easy-to-wear pieces. Its designers challenge themselves daily to bring you truly unique items that can’t be found everywhere. J.O.A.’s headquarters are in the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, California.

10) State of Being: State of Being launched during early 2009 in Sydney as a “basics-with-a-twist” brand. It is a concise collection of fashion forward and relaxed, yet directional, pieces with a sophisticated edge at an affordable price. The label has evolved, introducing soft tailoring, inventive detail, and a focus on developing exclusive prints and textures.

Luxurious wardrobe essentials and fashion forward, day-into-night pieces are key elements in every collection. With a unique attention to detail, it is a double take on style, with endless ways to wear each piece.

11) Stella & Jamie: The Stella & Jamie woman is dynamic, confident and sexy with a modern sophistication and a relaxed Californian easy-chic style. Her wardrobe features a contemporary aesthetic with clean lines, feminine shapes and luxurious fabrics. Stella & Jamie are LA-based.

12) The Fifth Label: The Fifth Label combines high fashion with bold street wear. This Australian brand emanates quality, sensibility and versatility.
From essentials to statement pieces, styles from The Fifth Label can be used as the “bass notes” for any wardrobe.
Each and every piece by The Fifth Label is a take on its definition of the modern era: effortless, adaptable, and cool.

13) The Pi Collection: The Pi Collection is an interpretation of the challenges that we face in life and Pi’s fascination with geometric shapes. Pi is the nickname for the son of the brand’s Creative Director, Lauryn Chin. He has been her inspiration for this quality and affordable jewelry line.
The simplicity of the collection is not to be taken lightly due to the edgy angles of the pieces. Each creation is handcrafted in the USA with 14K gold-filled metals and/or sterling silver. The Pi Collection is based in Hawaii.

14) US Blanks: Known for its premium fashion basics, US Blanks believes that styles should be made with the finest materials.
As a vertical manufacturer, US Blanks mills its own fabric and dyes, cuts and sews them all in the USA.
The brand has high-quality standards that ensure that superior fabric, sewing, and innovative designs are implemented into every garment that passes through its Southern California facilities.

15) Couturist: Couturist stands for three C’s: contemporary, chic and comfortable. They
strive to bring affordable luxury from around the world to Couturists like you, and they
want to be a part of your confidence, inspiration and lifestyle.

16) Marigold Collective: Marigold Collective is a social enterprise dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. They partner with the women-focused Fair Trade Artisan Cooperative in developing countries to provide market access for their high-quality products. They strive to support women in their efforts to overcome poverty and provide a sustainable livelihood for their families while preserving heritage craft traditions.
Marigold Collective sells certified fair trade, direct trade and ethically sourced goods that are handcrafted by artisans who have been paid a fair wage, are working under safe working conditions, and are treated with respect and dignity.

17) Glamorous: span >Do you want to be trendy, styled with elegance, and in ownership of a collection to fit any personality? Look no further than Glamorous. Inspired by high fashion, contemporary night culture, and vintage fashion, Glamorous will have a design to suit any mood or occasion. They are based in Manchester but their fabrics are sourced from across the globe.
Glamorous believes that fashion should be individual, accessible, and most of all, affordable. Their website is updated with new lines daily, so make sure that you are always up to date with the latest trends and celebrity fashion.

About COUTURIST: Couturist stands for three C’s: contemporary, chic and comfortable. They strive to bring affordable luxury from around the world to Couturists like you, and they want to be a part of your confidence, inspiration and lifestyle. Find more information at