Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Most of us get into intimate relationships, business ventures, gyms or beautiful clothes to feel that we are loved, admired, sexy or needed and capable of making another person happy. Yet, we are often unhappy with ourselves, trying to fix inner wounds with external solutions. It is a race that you cannot win. You need to start searching for answers within yourself. Start dating, and falling in love with yourself, because only when you are full of love can you share it with others.

To help you achieve self-love, I created the Date Yourself Program.

It is an 8-week online workshop/program for embracing self-love, reigniting your feminine passion, and healing your relationships. It is an opportunity to take an honest, yet empowering look at your relationship with yourself and your confidence, femininity, intimate relationships, wellness, and attachment. It will teach you how to move forward in a powerful way.

It is a journey to getting your confidence back, introducing self-love, clearing past wounds, understanding which patterns from past relationships you bring into the present, and embracing your sexuality.

Get to know and rediscover yourself again.

TheDate Yourself Programis a confidential group of only 12 women who are ready to embark on developing self-love, embracing their goddess and healing self-doubt, confidence, fears and patterns from past intimate relationships.

Who is it for? Are you…

  • Longing to develop self-love and self-awareness?
  • Yearning to get your confidence back by working on your inner strength?
  • Desiring to be able to wake up every day and walk away from any situation, knowing that you will do well?
  • Wanting to embrace and own your femininity, sexuality and sensuality and never be ashamed of your power?
  • Ready to get in shape emotionally and deal with anything that life throws at you?
  • Wanting to understand which patterns of past relationships you carry that shape your present?
  • Desiring to create a relationship where passion and love is an everyday experience?

If you answered “yes,” to these statements, then this program is for you.

What is the cost?

I know that one-on-one counselling and coaching can be expensive, but it should not stop you from embarking on this journey. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will be investing around $62 per session, which is extremely affordable in comparison to how much you would have to pay for one-on-one meetings with me or other professionals.

Group work can be even more transformational and inspiring because you get a sense of camaraderie, connection and non-judgmental support. I put this workshop together to help you transform your life through an affordable, yet very powerful experience.

Program size is limited, and the registration closes on June 12th.

To learn more about this program visit my page at

Many women tell me, “I want to take a break and focus on myself, clarifying what I want, who I am, and why I haven’t gotten to where I want to be yet.”

Because of my personal experiences and working with hundreds of people in my counselling practice, there is almost no question that I haven’t been asked. What I know for sure is that self-love has to precede loving somebody else, having passion in love, and growing your business.

I wanted to create a tier of extraordinary women who want to take their life to the next level, and not only heal, but also celebrate and discover themselves.

Karolina Tatarenkova