Rating: 8/10 severed tongues

The film documenting the intense, whirlwind life of Johnathan Szeles is an emotionally packed journey that has you really understanding just who the comedic magician is. It delves right into the grit of his humor, and does not shy away from his rough edges. His substance abuse, his divorce, and his deep depression are all detailed in full. As is his unflinching, bigger than life personality, generous heart, and unwavering determination to entertain and succeed as The Amazing Johnathan.

Viewers are given everything in this documentary; Johnathan’s highs (both metaphorically and literally), and his lows. They are shown just how much this man has affected fellow magicians, such as Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller and David Copperfield. They are also told how deep his bond with Joel Ozborn really goes, and how it began, in Australia when Joel was just 12 years old and unaware of how Johnathan was going to shake the foundations of his young life.

The film does a beautiful job in capturing the essence of Johnathan Szeles, and brings to light the hardships the entertainer has gone through. The end of the documentary vividly describes Johnathan’s medical condition, but succeeds in showing just how strong the magician is despite the many medications he must take to keep him on his feet. Given a year to live a few years ago, The Amazing Johnathan is still very much alive and still very much in entertaining mode.