Drafted by: Braden Scheck

Elongation, ethics and edge; Encima is a brand to watch. First catching my attention at VFW FW 2015, their alternative image has been a lasting one. After a successful show at Vancouver Fashion Week earlier this year in addition to the anticipation of their upcoming collection launch, we are honoured to have a discussion about their luxury streetwear style and provide a closer insight into the world that is Encima. Faiz and Suzy Lalani are the husband and wife duo of this Vancouver based powerhouse brand and have definitely created a unique look to follow in the fashion industry while providing pieces for a multitude of people and styles. For those newly discovering the brand and luxury streetwear style, from the MLZ team, we are please to introduce you to Encima.

One of the things I love about your brand is that it is Vancouver based and manufactured. As a young company that launched later in 2014, what drew you to keep the manufacturing for the company local to Vancouver and do you plan to continue these practices in the future?

There are a number of reasons why we keep our manufacturing local. We want to ensure all our garments are made ethically and by individuals in suitable working environments. We also enjoy working closely with our manufacturing team. Having our garments produced locally allows us to be a part of the process from beginning to end. Finally, it is a sense of pride to be able to invest back into our local community. We have such a skilled workforce here in Vancouver and we want to showcase those skills through our pieces. Without a doubt we will continue to manufacture in Vancouver. There is a great sense of pride and reward with seeing our products created in our home city.

Differentiating you from the rest, you work with more elongated styles of garments. What inspired you to lengthen your designs and lean towards more of a luxury street style?

The inspiration for the length stems from the culture I’ve been surrounded by my entire life. Whether it was men’s or women’s wear, length was always visible. I feel like length is something that can be both dressed up or down, and, if done in the right way, can truly make a statement on a particular garment, which is what we’ve tried to showcase in our pieces.

Your clothing seems perfectly suited for the colder, wetter Vancouver months. Did this come into consideration while selecting fabrics and are there specific things about the manufacturing process that you would like people to know?

Being situated in Vancouver definitely plays a factor. But we really want to create high quality garments. And to do that, you need to start with quality fabrics. As such, we are quite selective with the types of fabrics we use. Also, our Hooded Pullover and Split Coat are water repellent, which will definitely come in handy around town.

My first experience was seeing your line at Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2015, is there anywhere else are you hoping to showcase your work and where can consumers purchase your clothing?

Starting in mid-September, we will be stocked back east at Rivermen and Get Fresh Company, which are located in Mississauga and Toronto, respectively. In Vancouver, you’ll be able to buy Encima at Alfie Italia, here in Gastown. Additionally, we will be selling our collection online. We are currently working on our second collection and hope to break into the US market come FW 2016. That being said, we also hope to increase our Canadian presence in 2016.

In preparation to launching your Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, what were some of the sources that you drew inspiration from?

The main source of inspiration stemmed from the need to be an individual. That’s essentially how Encima started. I was having difficulty finding new unique pieces that truly reflected who I was as an individual. With this drive and determination, a lot of support from my family, and a love for fashion, I started designing pieces that I felt looked different in one aspect or another.

Your designs are truly statement pieces as well as great layering options; from my understanding, the word “Encima” is Spanish for “Above” or “On Top” – was this the origin of your brand name and will your main focus continue to be top garments?

We settled with Encima for a couple of reasons. It helps us resonate with what we are doing and gives us a sense of motivation to always do the best we can and to not half-ass anything. Top garments will still be the main focus of our second collection. But after that, who knows. There are also a couple of hidden messages in our logo, but I’ll leave it up to the readers’ imagination to think those through.

If you had to pick one garment from Encima to recommend for versatility, which would it be and why?

The Encima Split Coat. Since the coat can be worn many different ways, it doesn’t get classified as one type of style. Whether it’s with a t-shirt, sweater/hoody, or even dress-shirt, it’s extremely versatile. It’s also made from water repellent moleskin cotton, which doesn’t have too much thickness to it so you could wear it both in the Fall and Spring.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your creative brand and future plans as you move forward?

With each piece we develop, the goal is always to create something that sets itself apart, whether it is in the details, the fabrics, or the entire style. That is something consumers should always expect from Encima. As for future plans, we are currently working on our second collection, which will be for the FW16 season. The evolution of our brand will be on display as included in this collection will be new styles, fabrics, and colours. We are extremely excited about what we have in store for the next FW season.

On behalf of Metro Living Zine and our readers, I would like to say thank you to the team at Encima for graciously speaking with us and sharing their creations, inspirations and goals. We would also like to extend our best wishes for the current and upcoming success that is well deserved for the company. As a notable brand worth investigating more, you are sure to find pieces to assist you in creating an individual look within your wardrobe. Dressed up, dressed down or simply to add a touch of uniqueness to your look, Encima is the Vancouver based, ethical brand for the fashion lover of luxury street style.

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