On March. 8th, as a part of Vancouver’s highly anticipated JFL Northwest, Jake and Amir will be hitting the stage with a live performance of their popular podcast, “If I Were You.”

You may recognize Jake and Amir from their years at comedy website CollegeHumor, where they had written and acted out many original skits that have garnered about a billion views. Known for their witty, ridiculous, and quite ‘out there’ humor, the duo eventually moved on from CH in 2015, and have been working independently on their brand of comedy.

Now they have another web series, titled “Lonely and Horny,” which can be found on Vimeo. It follows the antics of Ruby Jade, a desperate man who wants sex (and love) with almost anybody. Jake and Amir also founded the podcast network Headgum, which, as stated on their website, has the goal to produce, curate, and promote the best podcast content from around the web.

An integral piece of Headgum is the pair’s own podcast “If I Were You.” With a new episode every Monday, Jake and Amir ‘offer advice in areas they’re qualified to talk about. Also in areas they’re not qualified to talk about.’ An opportunity to watch and be a part of a live episode of this podcast will be taking place during JFL Northwest, on March. 8th at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. To purchase tickets, head to www.jflnorthwest.com

To appease those impatiently waiting to see Jake and Amir this March, here is an exclusive interview with the hilarious duo:

How does doing your podcast live, on stage, affect the dynamic?

AMIR: I think there’s a more performative aspect when you’re doing it live. Because you’re not just having a conversation, you want to make sure that people are either engaged or laughing. So it’s a little louder and hopefully funnier.

JAKE: We try harder!

Do you guys have anything pre-planned, or are you just going to flow with the audience?

JAKE: It’s all going to go with the audience. We always find questions ahead of time, but we have no idea what we are going to say when we read them.

Do you prefer the live aspect of stage podcasting over recording it first?

JAKE: Live aspect is definitely more exciting ad way more fun to travel and get to meet our fans. If we had to do every show live, though, I think we would die. So it’s nice to have a little balance.

Do you guys ever receive questions for “If I Were You” that you have chosen not to answer?

JAKE: You could probably make a case that we have almost not never answered a question…because that’s how bad we are at giving advice.

What about podcasts do you enjoy so much?

AMIR: I think we like how there’s no delay. Whenever you’re creating stuff, there’s always a bit of a lag, whether you’re waiting for somebody to fund you, or you’re waiting to edit it, or you’re waiting to upload. Podcasts are very immediate in their satisfaction. You record it and it could be online within the hour.

What made you two decide to start podcasting?

AMIR: I think we were looking for something to occupy our time before and after making videos because we had the Youtube show, and a lot of downtime, and people didn’t necessarily know the real us. So we thought, what better way to create another hour of content without too much work.

Your CollegeHumor web series has amassed a lot of views over the years. Do you miss your CH days? Will you return again for a single episode like you did in 2016 for the skit, “Jake and Amir: Donal Trump?”

JAKE: I think it sort of fells like college, in a way. We miss it, we are nostalgic for that time, but at the same time, now that we’re in our 30’s, we wouldn’t necessarily go back to CH, because it wouldn’t be the same. You can’t really recreate that. That said, we always made the vow that if something insane in the world was happening, that it felt like Jake and Amire needed to weigh in on it, we would. The Trump candidacy was too good not to cash in on, just once.

Where does your brand of humor come from?

AMIR: Ooh, I think TV kind of shaped my sense of humor. I watched a lot of TV growing up, so I probably stole my sense of humor from all the shows I watched.

JAKE: Yeah, TV and movies. SNL, and Chris Farley, and Adam Sandler. And my family.

Do you two ever get into disagreements that you eventually write into comedy?

AMIR: Oh, I don’t know.

JAKE: I don’t think so.

AMIR: We don’t fight! We’re kind of obligated to like each other.

JAKE: The field is too even. But really, we fabricate all of our comedy. The situation may be mundane, but when we have such a wacky character like Amir, and Ruby Jade in Lonely and Horny, we like to see what can happen. At like, say, a dry cleaners. I’m surprised we didn’t do that one already.

AMIR: That will be the next one we return [to CH] for.

When will the second season of Lonely and Horny be complete?

AMIR: It’s all filmed, and will be edited soon. The question is when will it come out, and we don’t know yet.

Lastly, how would you guys describe your fan base?

AMIR: Smart, hot, funny, cool…friendly.

JAKE: Sexy, rich, and willing to buy tickets in Canada!