Jerry Suqi’s background and mysterious journey into art make him a person to watch for at this year’s Art! Vancouver show.

Studying literature and opening prominent restaurants and nightclubs in Chicago was just the first act of Jerry Suqi’s career.

Though he’s dealt fine art out of a private residence since 1999, 2013 was the first year the entrepreneur tested the waters as a gallery. He did this by way of two-month pop-up shop, before he and his business partner, Tom Negovan (who operates the West Coast gallery in Chicago), settled on opening a gallery in Chicago’s Wicker Park.

Suqi’s art collection is diverse in range. Though he doesn’t say how, he came to acquire a portfolio of Gustav Klimt’s “colloypes” (mechanical printmaking), and claims that his gallery owns “more Klimt than the Art Institute.”

This April, Suqi will be bringing his art collection to Art! Vancouver, an international, contemporary art show to be hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre, April 19-22. For tickets or more information, please visit

About Art! Vancouver

Founded in 2015 by Director Lisa Wolfin, Art! Vancouver is Western Canada’s only international fine arts fair and features local and international artists and galleries.  The fair includes a diverse collection of exhibitors, along with an Opening Night runway show and an extensive speaker series. The event attracts international visitors with a genuine passion for art, including a range of influential, creative and sophisticated professionals.