FILM REVIEW: Room for Rent

Rating: 7/10 waterbeds

Room for Rent is a sharply written comedy that smoothly sashays into the realm of mystery. With superb acting and cool humor, this film not only makes you want to throttle Mitch Baldwin (Mark Little) as he looks at his mother (Stephnie Weir) as if she is an unfeeling maidservant, it also coaxes out some of your sympathy for the somewhat lost thirty-two year old man child when his new, mysterious roommate (Brett Gelman) fantastically disrupts Mitch’s stagnant routine.

While starting off as a seemingly dry film, Room for Rent quickly discards that jumpsuit and gives you a solid hour of wit. The more you learn of the man who moves into the Baldwin’s home, the more curious you become. Who exactly is Carl Lemay, and why does he keep smiling like he holds all of the cards?