The Firehall Arts Centre Presents The Tashme Project: The Living Archives

April 2-13, 2019 |Firehall Arts Centre| 280 E. Cordova

Opening Night:  April 3, 8:00pm

Preview:  April 2, 7pm 

Performance Times:  Tues, 7pm | Wed-Fri, 8pm | Sat, 3pm & 8pm | Sun, 3pm | Wed, 1pm PWYC (April 10)

Tickets:  From $25 at | 604.689.0926

Post Show Talkback:  April 2, 4-13


(Vancouver, BC) – The Firehall Arts Centre is thrilled to present the eye-opening, award-winning play The Tashme Project: The Living Archives from Tuesday, April 2 to Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Created and performed by Julie Tamiko Manning and Matt Miwa, The Tashme Project: The Living Archives traces the history and common experience of the Nisei (second generation Japanese Canadians) through childhood, internment in Canada during the Second World War, and post-war resettlement east of the Rockies. The Nisei, now in their 70s and 80s, were children at the time of internment and their stories of adventure and play are presented in sharp relief with the more common internment narratives of hardship and justice.

The Tashme Project: The Living Archives is created from twenty interwoven interviews with Nisei from Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal, and Vancouver. The piece moves from voice to voice and story to story with fluidity and with a purposeful and constructed gracefulness. The actors portray the voices of both men and women interviewees as they seek a deep emotional and spiritual connection with the stories of their elders, breathing new life into these memories.

The Tashme Project: The Living Archives is an embodiment of Nisei character, language, spirit and story, and brings to light a part of Canadian history that has been often kept in the dark.

“…profoundly moving…” – Nikkei Voice

“A remarkable piece of verbatim theatre.” – Broadway World

“…Manning and Miwa…lovingly bring to life the hesitancy and frailty of these ‘living archives’.” – Montreal Gazette

Credits for The Tashme Project: The Living Archives

Creation & Performance by:  Julie Tamiko Manning & Matt Miwa

Direction by:  Mike Payette

Video Design by:  George Allister

Sound Design by:  Patrick Andrew Boivin

Head LX:  Jon Cleveland

Technical Direction by:  Tristynn Duheme

Stage Management by:  Isabel Quintero Faia

Movement Dramaturgy by:  Rebecca Harper

Set & Costume Design by:  James Lavoie

Assistant Set & Costume Design:  Laurence Mongeau

Lighting Design:  David Perreault Ninacs

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Media Contact:

Teresa Trovato | 604.897.1939 |

About Tashme Productions:

Generally saddled with a legacy of silence in regards to the internment, the greatest struggle facing the Japanese Canadian community today is the transference of cultural history and pride to its younger generations. Seeking to re-invigorate this process, we embarked on The Tashme Project: The Living Archives. It is our intention to connect younger Japanese Canadians more deeply to their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as ignite a desire to rediscover their Japanese-ness and reinvigorate the dwindling Japanese Canadian community. In our very subtle “Japanese Canadian” way, the performing of The Tashme Project across this country is a political act: the displacement, incarceration and deportation of the Japanese Canadian community from the West Coast of Canada during the Second World War by the Canadian government was meant to erase our community. Today, we are now seeing the results of that: loss of culture, language, and identity. By disseminating the oral history of our elders, we are fighting against the potential loss of our community and rebuilding a sense of Japanese Canadian identity and pride.

About the Firehall Arts Centre:

Celebrating its 36th season, the Firehall Arts Centre continues to open doors through the arts in celebration of the Canadian experience. Located in a heritage fire station that was built in 1906, the Firehall Arts Centre is one of the most unique cultural institutions in Vancouver, hosting over two hundred performances each year and bringing diverse audiences together to enjoy, discuss, question, and explore artistic works that reflect the society and world in which we live. With Artistic Producer Donna Spencer at the helm, the Firehall Arts Centre produces and presents theatre that is innovative, eclectic and at times politically-charged, as well as exquisite, cutting-edge dance performances and interdisciplinary works that challenge assumptions. The venue also acts as a host to visual arts exhibitions and performances from other performing arts organizations, supporting local and national artists. The Firehall Arts Centre is proud to support emerging artists and companies, and strives to program work that is inclusive, culturally rich, and reflective of the many voices and perspectives in Canada.