Australian artist and Eco fashion designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, founder of Green Embassy, is returning to Vancouver this March to share her astonishing new collection – The Empty Ocean Series. The designer has organized two unique events to showcase this new collection and you are cordially invited to each.

First is a pre-fashion week media launch offering a more personal and up-close look at this unique collection as well as the chance to speak directly with designer ask questions and learn more about her environmental work which includes this collection’s support of the Sea Sheppard Society Conservation Society. The highlight of week will be a show-stopping appearance on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Sunday, March 19th Pre-fashion week media launch at Studio Cloud 30, 2208A Spruce St. Vancouver from 2-4 p.m.RSVP to

Sunday March 26th
 – Vancouver Fashion Week – Green Embassy’s Empty Ocean Series will take to the runway at 8 p.m. Tickets link

The Empty Oceans Series is Zuhal Kuvan-Mills’ emotional response to the world’s troubled oceans. It is inspired by marine life and its wide diversity of forms, shapes, colours, textures and wonderful structures.

“As an environmental activist, designer and artist, I believe art and fashion impacts our emotions and can move us to value our blue planet. With this series of work, I aim to highlight the ocean’s fragility as well as its beauty. And I hope to inspire many more people not only do the same, but to collaborate with organisations such as Sea Shepherd.”
Zuhal Kuvan-Mills

Industrial fishing net remnants and recycled polyester made of trash, plastic bottles, drift/ghost fishing nets were used as a starting point. Every piece in the collection is a three-dimensional canvas offering the vastness of the ocean, crashing waves, sea animals, shapes and textures, all represented through fluid form and surface design.

Fashion Design Schools – Zuhal Kuvan-Mills will be in Vancouver for two full week and has time available to speak to design students. She brings a unique and well-informed perspective to the world of Eco fashion. The designer lives on a farm where she raises alpacas, creates her own wool felting and uses natural ingredients to produce her palette. She is also a textile artist with many works to her credit. If interested, please email her at

Designer Bio

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the artist, designer and earth ambassador for Green Embassy, Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label. Focusing on modern, minimalist, functional and alluring garments for earth-friendly consumers, Zuhal finds inspiration within the textile crafting traditions of ancient times and the vivid beauty of Western Australia’s bush landscapes.

Her commitment to sustainability,
 natural handmade materials, zero-waste production, organic agriculture, art and slow fashion is expressed in each extraordinary textile piece as a labour of love. Using 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and recycled natural fibres, Zuhal’s handmade collections are earthy yet sublime, authentic yet edgy. She has created a collectible, couture label with higher meaning. In essence, her wearable pieces of art are individual prayers for sustainability on earth.

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