Drafted by: Kamantha Naidoo & Veronica Chase

Did someone say Firefighters and Calendar Shoot in the same sentence? Yes! And as the title suggests, this was one fun project to work on. Vancouver bloggers, Kamantha Naidoo (The Health Babe) and Guest writer, Veronica Chase decided to cover this story together to get the most out of Vancouver’s buffest fire-fighting heroes for our readers.

Veronica says, “I have to admit I didn’t have to be asked twice to write an article for the Hall of Flame Firefighter Calendar shoot. It’s for a great cause and it’s the #1 Firefighter calendar in North America.  Through interviewing them individually between shirts off photo-sessions  and lifting weights to keep those firm poses, there was one question that bounced around in my head: How do they stay so fit?”

After asking all our firefighters this very question we discovered that all the guys have made some kind of change to their lifestyles and some have even taken to  strict regimes for months before the shoot in preparation. Thats right we got the insider scoop on the goods, the not-so-fun and the harsh self-discipline the guys have partaken in. Most of the guys have stated they include salads as a regular part of their meals, some have even cut out red meat, and firefighter Ryan told us he has been abstaining from sugar and alcohol for several months.  He says “ I didn’t realize how much sugar was in everything!” Firefighter Mark confessed, “..its hard to stay fit, I like eating, so planning is essential for me.”  For most of the guys, eating a veggie and protein loaded kale salad is the norm, firefighter Herbie stated “Diet is everything!” and he couldn’t stress it enough, which we strongly have to agree with.

Now we all know muscles don’t grow on trees! So we asked the guys about their workout routines and the type of schedules they stick to leading up to the shoot. They said they stay active at work and out in different ways including hot yoga, working out with a personal trainer, running for up to 6 days a week, and weight training of course. While the guys admit they miss those juicy burgers, steak dinners, and beers with friends, they stated accountability is a must and if tempted they remind themselves why they are doing it in the first place…for the kids!

Our heroic firefighters are also committed to multiple charities and causes including CKNW orphans, Firefighters funds, school snack program, winter coats for kids, LifeLine for seniors and the BC Children’s Charity. They volunteer their time for these organisations on average between 1000-1200 hours within 4 months to raise funds. The guys told us they want to be role models and deeply care for the community and as Mark emphasized “the calendar is a good motivation to stay fit!”

Despite their dedication to fundraising, charity events, and saving lives, our firefighters also have time for relationships. And yes sorry Ladies, most of these desirable blue-collared men are taken. Apparently it takes a special woman that’s “flexible, understanding, kind, driven, and has a nice a**”, since firefighters are away from home most of the time, which can be hard on the relationship, but can also make their relationship even stronger. We met a unique father and son team, long-term fire-fighter Nikolai (father) and Korbin (son) who shared their passion for firefighting and a strong relationship with one another.

Nikolai and Korbin are both strong believers of marriage and expressed their wives are very supportive of their career choice. Korbin says he grew up seeing how committed his dad was towards firefighting and knew when he was 16 that he would also join the same career-path. Similar to Nikolai, John has been working as a firefighter for over 20 years and has 3 girls, he happily says “(this is the) perfect job to help people”. We asked him how he deals with stress and not seeing his family. He replied “Don’t stress the little things and enjoy every day”.

Lucky Vancouver bride, Sarah Desaulniers stumbled upon the calendar shoot during her own wedding photo shoot. She says she was invited by the photographer to join and “ ran over to be in the pictures with the firefighters-they were really cool and down-to-earth. What an awesome memory from our wedding photo shoot to our kids !” When asked if she ever had a crush on a fire-fighter Sarah said, “..the Vancouver Firefighters are hot business and like every other women in the city,  I think they’re pretty much all babes. My husband loved every minute of our hangout with the fire fighters.” Lastly she left our ‘soon-to-be married’ readers with the following advice, “ stay focused on your unique vision for your relationship and wedding, don’t give energy to anything or anyone that is negative, eliminate any drama and gossip focus people from your life, dream really big, love even bigger, have fun!”

Veronica: “Whilst watching the Fire-fighters flex, do push-ups and strike lustful poses during the shoot, I can’t help to wonder how they feel in front of the camera, being a part-time model I know how rewarding it may feel. As I ask them, the common answers were: feeling sexy, empowered, a role-model for others, inspired, some-what nervous. I must say that these Part-time models/Full-time Fire-fighters can save me any day!” Kamantha: “Meeting these firefighters and hearing thier individual stories was very motivating and inspiring. Being a lifestyle coach, I know how much discipline it takes to stay motivated and focussed with a fitness goal. Not only do these men have a challenging job but they also have to maintain positive thinking.”

On a finishing note, our courageous firefighters made the point that with a focused mind, clean eating, and a regular workout routine, a brave man can also be a sexy man. Don’t miss the official 2016 Hall of Flame Launch party this September 12th at Venue Nightclub! For more details see: http://www.vancouverfirefighters.ca/Hall_of_Flame_Calendar/

Kamantha Naidoo

Kamantha Naidoo THE HEALTH BABE is an inspirational educatorwith years of professional practice in mental health and fitness.  Kamantha has worked with individuals of all ages and backgrounds to help them unfold the layers to their underlying issues and has led her clients towards movement and change in the right direction. She practices as a Life and Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer in Vancouver, Canada.  Passionate about integrating healthy thinking, eating and living, The Health Babe will show you ways you can start to improve yourself now for a better ‘future you’. www.thehealthbabe.com

Veronica Chase

Veronica Chase (Partner of The Intimate Lifestyle and Modern SexTalks podcast, TBA) has tapped into her passion of sexual expression and relationship healing by further educating individuals in the field. She is a freelance writer, Actress, Model and is an active member of the sexy night life that Vancouver has to offer. Prior to her entrepreneurial start she spent eight years in Aircraft Maintenance, where her problem solving skills shifted. Veronica works with individuals whom thrive for more and want improvement in their lifestyles through guided change.