The tallest model alive, Amazon Eve, stands at six feet and eight inches tall. For Eve, that means a steady stream of work, but it also means personal sacrifice. “While all the girls were getting breasts, I just kept growing skywards,” she said, in an interview with Daily Mail. “I hated my body so much I hid myself away and avoided the boys I fancied because I didn’t want to be rejected. No boy was interested in taking me to the school prom.” Her nearly seven-foot frame also caused problems for her later in her romantic life. “Taller men find me too much too handle because they’re used to a woman looking up to them and short men see me as a trophy,” she said. That’s the opposite of what most would expect to hear from a model, but it wasn’t the last of Eve’s height-related struggles. Over the years, she’s been accused of being a man, had trouble finding clothes and shoes that fit her, and been generally treated as a freak of nature.

Other incredibly tall models such as Analeigh Tipton and Karlie Kloss recount similar experiences throughout their lives. Back when Kloss played basketball in school, she was humiliated by the blunders caused by her height. “I was so much bigger, and longer, and taller, that I just sort of hurt girls, and fouled them, and fouled out, and I just felt so bad,” Kloss told Vanity Fair. Tipton recalled being mocked as a figure skater in the same way. Those ladies and more like them can be pictured in countless photos next to Joe blow, regular-sized people. Fellow model Cara Delevingne can be seen staring up at Kloss with wonder from over a foot below (see below).


It’s also been proven that being extremely tall can cause health problems. Discover Magazine states the link to higher heights and cancer rates as well as a shorter life expectancy. For models, who are expected to sustain a low weight despite their above average height, this results in countless illnesses and issues. Plus, when you’re enormous length-wise and miniature width-wise, it’s difficult to get around without bumping into people and things. Ironically enough for the women who are supposed to epitomize grace and glamour, it can be quite a clunky existence. So being an amazon – like Amazon Eve, for instance – isn’t as wonderful as one might expect. Being tall means harassment, discomfort, and personal insecurity for many women, even those in the chic and shiny fashion industry. It isn’t talked about because doing so would taint the perfect image of the beautiful six foot-tall model, but there’s a price to “beauty”, and it’s important that it is considered.

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