Can you look at someone
and not see their race, cultural ethnicity, or body shape?
It is so programmed in us. Can you instead see a person, friend, fellow occupant of your city. Can you see a mother, father, son, or daughter all trying to make a happy life in any way they can? This is the first step to true respect. You first have to honor yourself while trying to discipline your thoughts. Take the next step and start practicing Ahimsa – the first Vow of non-violence. Speak without judgement for judgment is always violent. Acceptance is the answer. Practice this to become a magnet for POSITIVE events in your life, develop it deeply and enjoy abundance.

Our painful experiences are the deep truth of what we are denying into our life. For instance, when you have a past experience that is keeping an unhealthy relationship alive take immediate action to change it. If you continually light the fire to remember – pain that charcoal lasts a long time as you relight it again and again remembering why you’re holding a grudge or position! The truest decision is to decide that it will be. Take action welcome a brand new opportunity to experience a new definition with this person. Then, do it again tomorrow and then the next day again. Do not pick up the past memory. You already have it deeply grooved into your psyche.
There will never come a right time so don’t fool yourself into waiting for that
. Start each day fresh. Let the past go and allow a new experience to envelope your vision for the future.

The old feelings won’t go away immediately as they have been watered and fed to be kept alive by your mind, but they will be replaced with new occurrences that will fill up the dead spots
and you can then let go of the burden of the past.
This is the perfect time of year to cleanse the life and soul experience, Halloween starts the time in the ancient calendars when the earth goes to sleep. So to be ready we reflect and choose what is going to work for us in the coming year. Take the time to mentally, emotionally and spiritually let go of old harmful patterns. Letting go is fun
when you light candles that remind you of the great shift you are making.
I recommend autumnal colors: russets, oranges, blacks and lots of fragrant smells like cinnamon and spice with ambers. Set up an alter with fallen leaves, an apple, and a crystal you particularly like. Light your candle and imagine the love of the Grandmother Goddess reminding you of her love and compassion.


March 21 – April 19

An exciting event brings joy – enjoy it and do not let it go! Give yourself permission to experience it fully. It’s a sign of an opening door – you are about to have an exciting change in your life.


April 20- May 20

Some of you will connect romantically with someone whose life differs greatly from yours and could create a long-distance romance. Pouring more of your self into communications with others will bring more integrity to your world. Be clear and be nice and expect great things.


May 21 – June 20

A happy heart brings money to you. So. make certain you are happy by finding any detail you can celebrate in your daily chores. No arguing your point right now! Its a time to listen and gather information. Not the time to decide any final decisions. This will be a guaranteed magnet to more of what you value. Put good thoughts in and you will reap solid rewards.


June 21 – July 22

Its actually a decision to be happy – not because everything is good, but because you choose to celebrate the stripes you’ve earned in trying to find something good in everything. Others now see your heart as your true beauty and you are actually seeing it too. We love you Cancer, accept it and enjoy!


July 23 – August 22

This is the best time to kick some butt and restart your project once again. Show the crowd your enthusiasm and the dream that they can take home by following your lead. Success is written all over this and only takes your awesome ideas and leadership skills.


August 23 – September 22

Now you can heal your body. It is a time to enjoy new diets and new habits that will allow you a good nights sleep. A cup of Hot water each morning with a half juiced lemon will clean out the worry and anger stored in your liver and you will feel freer each day. Our health is always a product of our thoughts and you can do so much better now.


September 23 – October 22

At this time you have been gifted the voice to create a true home that relaxes your soul. Your ideas of what will work are now incorporated into the design plan for you. Write down and colour in all the ideas that your focus will create this winter. You are so pretty and you can now make your environment reflect this.


October 23 – November 21

Right now Scorpio is time to write solid and beautiful plans for your future. Invest in a space for inspiration in your home world. Choose a muse that inspires you and start seeing the future as it will look next year. You are the best architect of your life right now. Design and add elements that you have always wanted. You will be as successful due to all of the hard work you have put in these last six months.


November 22 – December 21

You have earned your stripes in discipline and the romantic creativity of this time inspires all of your conversations now. Blending this will encourage you to develop ease and fairness, as it is now what you need the most. You can now enjoy honesty in all of your relationships.


December 22- January 19

No fooling you any more, you can see where the path you used to choose leads, and now must take a different turn. It’s like a play on words but totally a magnet of quantum physics for you. If you want to be loved, be loving, if you want to be swept off your feet, then act romantically in all of your environments. Have you taught your children the romance of the sunset? Its kind of like that!


January 20 – February 18

A new world has dawned for you and it is looking better than you imagined so keep it active by investing your positive faith. Do not let the mind talk you in to accepting less as you have a pattern of settling . Now is the recognition for your efforts and all you need to do is keep up and continue. Blessed Be, my lovely.


February 19 – March 20

You make a difference in peoples lives, and you may have always thought that is will cost you your peace. At this time you are safe, and it does not cost you! Relax into love and harmony. You are OK now and protected by the Grandmother’s love to reach out and give with out cost to your private world. Let people in closer now. They only want to see your beautiful truths and have faith because you need love and – it is so close you can touch it!

Faith, is solid intention