Drafted by Leah Bolton: Goddess Astrology

If I asked you to name all of the things you love best, How long would it take you to get to your name? This is about to be fixed. We are now One. On the morning of Saturday September 5th, the last quarter moon in Virgo influenced an overdue crisis of consciousness. We have been given our inner value by the economy. Our economy has been geared to inflict poverty, yet we have also been taught that is criminal to be poor. The penalties for not having enough are so out of balance that the Goddess in Virgo now roars her anger now at the arrogance of those who have taken advantage of others for their own gain. On Friday The New Moon appears and shells out the power. Now that the Corporate world has been caught hiring media lobbyists to wash away their sins and dumbing down information, or using media to ridicule new knowledge, our stronger need for truth cancels out the lesser strength of fabricated lies. No more going to war for Big Oil profits, it has to be an exercise to save people not to protect Big business.

The stage is set for the perfect Karmic turnabout. We watch the global decline in stocks as the old system of Power over others shows cracks in the foundation and there’s no hiding “stupid” as we see Donald Trump and Kanye West show their ridiculous egos. Cool thing is, we get front row seats as Karma catches up. Everyone wants a life equal to each other, where the struggle for daily existence is not the norm. Thousands and thousands of immigrants risk their lives to find a better world, its a strong voice rising. All of us have the right to our daily needs and those that keep it from us will feel the effect in the downturn.

I recommend taking a line of giving to all that you can, planning to put aside a three day camping supply in case Mother Gaia roars with a Quake, and the realization that we are all meant to be loved and cared for. This is an awakening and we all need to be clear and present in our hearts and our thoughts. Everyone deserves a home and daily food without trial. This is the most important lesson that we will see. With The New Moon coming up September 13th and the Balancing Power of Libra ruling New Beginnings, you’ll find decisions being made as the only solid solution becomes clear. Its a great time for taking on fresh new ways. Use candles of Autumn Purples, yellows, oranges and crisp apples. Make a wish.


March 21 – April 19

You have so many cool new ways to achieve with so many unexpected happenings. Do not worry it is all clearing the way for you to say truthfully what your hearts desire is and then step in to it.


April 20- May 20

Speak your feelings out loud and share this with your girls and boys. They will find permission to be honest with you when you take the time to speak freely.


May21 – June 20

Your value and money are totally tied to your inner emotional health. Be aware of any self talk that defeats or judges yourself and then re write it immediately to allow better and more abundance. This is the best time to invest in you!


June 21 – July 22

Its the time for you to ask in prayer, while praying to your higher self. This is your magnet and needs some nourishing talk and hope. Weed out doubt because its no more real than your Ego and can now be stilled into silence when you fine tune the frequency of your heart. Hold it there.


July 23 – August 22

Its an amazing time to Invest in your permanent place. Design it with care and keep in mind that whatever you choose will be in your future, so add only positive environments and “No Compromises” now, they are not the best use of this energy, Dream Big and for your future. This is like paving into your dreams.


August 23 – September 22

Decisions and teeth now need looking at, it is funny how they reflect what we do? But stating what you need will take care of your mouth which has been hurting due to so many hesitations from not wanting to rock the boat, It gets better when you say No thank you.


September 23 – October 22

Your full go ahead will be itching to get started this New Moon. Have some new behaviour ask its way in to your world. Its the best time to initiate a new discipline and then find the true ease as you begin. Its a game changer for your health emotionally, mentally and physically. Do not waste this momentous opportunity.


October 23 – November 21

Your foundations are real and solid and building on your hard past efforts. You will not have to do any more severe effort as your path now unfolds into the new design of living in success. Do not let old habits of settling for less come up to hold you back. They are done and now only expect the best.


November 22 – December 21

You need solid truth and can no longer afford to rescue others from their drama. If you rescue you will prevent them from learning strength, so step back and care for you only. I promise that “God/Goddess/All that is“ will remember to take care of where you left off in another’s world. They need to find their feet. Then you will open the door for amazing spirit to fulfil you.


December 22- January 19

Watch out for lies in promised contracts, all is not bad but there is a danger that you may overlook the fine print in what you receive in the future, there are hidden lies in promises right now so trust you heart to guide you and use your powers of analytical skills to see what is best for you and not only the partners in your venture. Now is not the time to sacrifice your dream.


January 20 – February 18

The wounds of the past now heal as you allow them airtime. Remove the response that makes you defensive, take charge of allowing positive situations by using your discipline to see the best. Even when its hard, Do it!


February 19 – March 20

All of your wounds are now open to healing and your courage gas granted you new wishes and ways of being, So be clear about how it will feel when you have peace. This will lead you into freedom like you’ve never experienced and as such will allow you to wish once again.

Faith, is solid intention