The Dark goddess is knocking at the door she will demand humility from all arrogance and personal projections. Clean up your beliefs or they will be dealt to you by others. Are you holding on to a thought that separates you from others because of an opinion or judgement? If you have operated within a judgmental framework you added to the negative karmic burden you already carry. It is time to let go of what I call, “The Score Card”. Judgment is a dehumanizing idea that never allows for another to have a reality different from your own. When you are too busy adding up all of the injustices you are also preventing peace from entering your world. The Universe does not have an opinion of what you magnetize into your life. The Universe
only delivers more of what you are projecting. Your thoughts are a magnet. Everyday become aware of your thoughts and reflect on what you are choosing to manifest. Its your recipe for what is about to become real.

There is always a perfect time to let things go and this is the season for letting go. Be wise and use the Natural Law of the Seasons to give you a boost. As you witness the trees shedding their leaves shed all that is unnecessary from your life.
Watch the Earth settle into the darkness of the ensuing winter months – do the same for yourself. All of the animals that hibernate are gathering their last fortification to assist their quiet time of rest. You also need to fortify yourself and tend to your winter den. Courageously speak your truth even when it may conflict with another person’s expectations. Your “heart truth” is the guide. Enter a Winter of sorting out your goals while being able to leave old judgments behind. It may be necessary to leave negative people behind. Be as careful as you can to honor your truth. With the Grand Cardinal Cross setting things in motion and this past Monday’s New Moon in Libra light your candles in colors of earthy dark russets, oranges, browns and yellows. Invite peacefulness to anoint you. In most times I will tell you to complete a candle spell at the first lighting. However, this time wait until Halloween’s full moon to light your candles. Never blow out a candle as your magic will leave with your breath. I use a snuffer or wet my fingers. Prepare for Halloween as it is the celebration to end things and begin a new thought pattern. Plan ahead and write out your goals. Take the time to identify beliefs that hold you back. Blessed Be.


March 21 – April 19

With Uranus presenting you with a tug of war with your energy and emotions you can use this productively by taking a big step into a timely transition. You will see improved problem solving and opening the door wider to new opportunities. A big reward is in store – gather your courage and do it! Its a new paradise if you allow it.


April 20- May 20

Sign the contract, just make certain that your partners energies are a real benefit to you. To agree for approval is as shallow as a bath when you take out the plug. So, make sure it is a well thought out agreement and boldly see success and then add your permission to the agreement.


May21 – June 20

Hey my Gemini thinker who never speaks without being right? This time you have a real exceptional push to see a creative communication reap big rewards and you will be able to present that idea to the people who can help you create a new reality. These are all intimate relationships and require your full effort. Now is your lucky time to promote you!


June 21 – July 22

Make a strong commitment to yourself and do not expect more than progress. Keep applying your heart to tenderly caring for yourself. You are making a new road that will add or take away from your peace. So, without judgement keep encouraging yourself on this somewhat challenging path. You are worth all of this effort – I promise this will lead you to happiness!


July 23 – August 22

Jupiter now focuses on your value, are you only concerned about money? In fact your value is your amazing heart and ability to lead your tribe. What could you ask from your work situation that will add more joy, success, and fulfillment? The money will show up the minute you are at the top of the “I Love Me”. However, this does not mean I do not indulge your needs. Go deep and find your worth – live it so that others can join you in honoring it. Praise to you Leo.


August 23 – September 22

I bet you’re feeling sexy, and why not with Mars, Venus, and Jupiter leading the way. You need to sweat it out with exhilarating sex. You have so much pure energy right now so make certain that whoever you engage to play with can keep up. Oh, and if a casual encounter entices you be smart and hide the goodies until you know that a meaningful investment in time and energy will transpire from the encounter(s).


September 23 – October 22

Dreams will inspire you in your sleep so when you wake up write down what your intuition says. This will lead you to the right choice. The only way to FXXK this up is to listen to your (mind/ego). You are the most stable sign and will not be led astray unless under the powerful influence of something that is mind altering. Breathe and receive.


October 23 – November 21

Feelings write the plan and stability rules your decisions. You lead us into the spirit so lead and be humble. You don’t own this power you are merely the guardian of it. Its a responsibility that most crumble under but your emotions will provide the path. So, do unto others as you want to be done in your world. State peace and ease truthfully and move forward gently. Do not be demanding at this time – instead, be inviting.


November 22 – December 21

Oh my peacemaker there is a lot in the world that you see better than what is being played out. How can you invite others to play nice? See to their comfort and the rest will fall into place. Please stop rescuing those who can learn to stand on their own! Remember, the Goddess has a wonderful plan for them too. Its time to exercise more Faith!


December 22- January 19

To ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you are rising from the ashes to be the real you. Its been a hard past 14 months and now planning your new foundation must be based on the truth. This is your new mission. Be savvy, be wary, and do not fall into wanting to be liked by others. They may not like your truth. Be strong and start the best time of your life by asking for more. You will receive more by giving more authenticity of yourself.


January 20 – February 18

You just got hit by lightening! That was your heart smacking you upside the head. Be tender in your leavings and optimistic in your wants. You never ask for as much for yourself as you wish for others. The key to making it real is to ask more for yourself. The answers to change will appear before your very eyes. Light a candle and watch it create a clear path as your hope grows. Its a fantastic event.


February 19 – March 20

Ask yourself – what are my addictions doing to me? Be it food, sex, gambling, substances, shopping or work. First question, does this serve you in a positive way? Does it truly further you into new and better places? You have so much to release that you have kept secret because you were afraid of being hurt. Now the Goddess allows you to ask and say “No” to those who use you for their selfish gain. You close to realizing some of your greatest achievements! So, stand up and live like its your truth now! Sometimes you need to “fake it till you make it”. The Goddess will support you.

Faith, is solid intention.