Did you ever wonder how some news sources are always the first to report when a prestigious store is about to open up in your city: Here are 5 tips that will help you become a formidable retail news sleuth!

1) Get well acquainted with City Hall. If you really want to be the first to break the news about what high-end retailers are about to open in your city you need to check in regularly with City Hall. You must always be on the lookout for commercial building permit applications.

2) Build a solid network of Informants: You need to know who the top Commercial Retail Space Brokers in your city are. Once you have earned their trust they are more likely to act as “informants” who will tell you what commercial space deals are in the works. When you really want to know what stores are planning on opening in your city the most reliable people with this knowledge are Commercial Retail Space Brokers. These are the people who are first contacted by personnel working in the corporate offices for luxury retailers. Commercial Retail Space Brokers are the people who will be searching your city for viable retail spaces for their luxury retail clients.

3) Mange your Twitter feed and curate it to include the luxury retailers you are most passionate about breaking news about. More often than not an informal announcement about a new store opening will be released on Twitter first before it is picked up by mainstream news agencies.

4)You will need a little luck: Sometimes getting insider news stories about luxury store openings is just a matter of fortuitous timing. For example, the news about one major store opening was informally leaked during casual conversation at a convention. This news story was simply the result of the right person being in the right place at the right time.

5) Become a Blueprint Sleuth: Learn how to read blueprints so you can make relatively educated guess’s. Sometimes being the first to break a retail news story is just a matter of putting the pieces of a puzzle together. If you know that there is a retail space opening up in a strategic location you may be able to infer what luxury retailers may be considering moving to that location. Perhaps a retailer has outgrown their current space allocated to shoes and handbags. You happen to stumble across a commercial space blueprint and see that there is a large retail space opening up close by. BINGO, now you are able to make a relatively educated guess about where they may be looking to expand their shoe and handbag department to.