The following news article posts three stand alone qualities that determine whether someone, in fact, defines fashion, or is merely in fashion – a follower.

As pictured above, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted wearing the classic Hermes silver “H” buckle belt ($585+) at a photocall for the Time Force watch brand. It’s become common over the past decade for publications to declare someone is in fashion merely by their wearing of a highly visible fashion logo. By definition,  ‘fashion’ is a popular styleIn fashion means that, in dress and personal presentation, a person or group have been singled out as following traits of a popular aesthetic movement, i.e., a fashion or style.

I’ll outline three ways an individual may define fashion. What all three share is the setting of an aspirational standard which is then followed by those who are: in fashion. Only one of the three qualities I’m about to describe need exist for someone to be a fashion definer.



Defining Fashion: Quality 01

These fashion definers exclaim their total uniqueness. Visionaries in this category are people like: (1) Betsy Johnson – known for her eccentric hair extensions and runway cartwheel (2) Patricia Field – whose name instantly conjures up her fire engine red hair; and (3) Karl Lagerfeld – with his white ponytail and ultra-slim suits. These personalities consistently express their vision through unorthodox fashion decisions and sensibilities. It’s the purity and one-of-a-kind characteristics of their choices that make them leaders in the fashion world, and compel us to hold them in such high esteem.



Defining Fashion: Quality 02

These people devise fashionable solutions for their own personal presentation dilemmas. Consider Andre Leon Tally,  who reports he gravitates toward his trademark capes because of his weight. Another example is Victoria Beckham’s refusal to smile. Beckham has publicly admitted she does not like the way she looks when smiling. Some have speculated Beckham refrains from smiling because she doesn’t like the appearance of her teeth.