If the name Daniel Diemer isn’t yet implanted into the sphere of stardom it soon will be.

Already bearing an impressive panoply of work; barely a scant few years into his on-screen life, the Vancouver actor is rapidly blowing up – as they say in “Star Speak”.

And having just booked a lead role in a soon-to-be disclosed major feature film, the sky is indeed the limit to where this young man’s talents can lead.

Witness the newest opportunity – a plum role for any actor.

“This changes things.” he says of the upcoming role set to shoot in New York in April.

“It gives me access to a completely different demographic and a much larger set of opportunities.”

Coming off the wildly-successful Facebook Watch series, ‘Sacred Lies’; which drew over 17 million viewers for its premiere episode in July 2018 and continually sets the bar higher, the opportunities have already been plentiful.

Having drawn raves for roles in further project like the Amazon series, ‘Man in the High Castle’, Diemer realized that not only could he explore his inner depths through acting, but similarly utilize a platform to further inspire others.     

“All the actors that I relate to are the ones that have flaws and are fallible,” he says, adding, “trying to be the best version of themselves but can never be exactly what they want to be.”

The world of acting is a far cry from his earlier vocational path; having played competitive sports from an early age; ultimately ranking among the top players in BC in Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton throughout various points in his life.

“My dad was my coach and actually coached the Canadian National Junior Tennis Team in Japan for the World Championships”, says Diemer who tops the height chart at a fit 6’4”.

And while that may have seemingly set the table for an open lane to further sports pursuits, fate sadly played its hand and those hopes were dashed at the age of eighteen after sustained growth spurts within his ever-expanding frame caused concern.

Personal reflection and redirection soon followed as doctors advised the teen of a potential worst case scenario.

“Adjustments and muscularity that were supposed to happen, didn’t and they told me I would be in a wheelchair if I didn’t stop playing at the level I was at.”

A sobering wake-up call to be sure, and having previously cut his acting chops in a high school production Diemer then turned his gift of performance from an avocation to a dedication; realizing his passion for exploring emotion not only aided his personal growth but further enabled him to connect and inspire others through his craft.

The path to stardom is one fraught with peril and the propensity to succeed and ultimately excel can often take its toll.

Being grounded and well-balanced are attributes Daniel Diemer exudes and illustrates in life.

And while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground it’s not too much of a stretch to reach beyond to which end the young actor already has his sights set on the future.

“I want to be on the Oscar stage by the time I’m 30.”

That target is certainly achievable for the talented lad.