Drafted By:  Leah Fay.

As earth is growing  in consciousness, what used to be acceptable is no longer tolerated or valid. Planetary cycles are heralding what we were all incarnated to do. Replace Competition with Cooperation and find the balance of equality for all. Planetary cycles are heralding what we all incarnated to do. Replace Competition with Cooperation and find the balance of equality for all.

We all signed up to live in this most exciting time but who knew we would be hanging on by our fingernails? Let me explain this amazing change we are all witnessing and actively helping to change….

The UranusPluto square that frames this entire decade with massive change and revolution, and which was triggered by the recent Full Moon

You can use Astrology to succeed during this time of change and be fully aligned with your goals. Are there any areas that are draining you because they have not come to a state of completion? This month could be about returning your mental sphere to a state of integrity, and finding new intention, as you move forward from that sense of wholeness. No one is exempt from this energy. Is there an area you could take a stronger stand, have you chosen security over truth? This transition will challenge you in what your truth. I wish you courage and boldness.

The Biggest changes we will see are those of government Administrations. The Most powerful US government has had to apologize and be accountable for the horrible actions in CIA Interrogations. The police system is being brought under the microscope to reveal people in the role of police who see an object rather than a person –  clearly this must end. 


Next is the world banking system which has to redesign itself to include all of the people and not cater to those who currently hold the mass of wealth. We can already see the balancing in world oil prices dropping, many communities raising minimum wage, giving the real people the breath of air that was so sorely needed to become powerful and accomplished once more.

To move forward and succeed you must leave the lack of morals in business ethics in the PAST. Today, there is no excuse for bad behavior in business. Live, breathe, and speak your truth. It will be an amazing opportunity to be who you truly are. Do not let Fear run the show. Steadfastly maintain your goals –  whatever they are –  and actualize your heart’s truth DAILY.

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